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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Proposes Marriage to BILL!

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Steffy/Bill/Katie: The Forrester hellcat confides in Dollar Bill painful memories from her childhood. Bill is stunned when Steffy pops the question! Meanwhile, Katie starts to rethink her marriage, thanks to Nick. Steffy's feelings for Bill grow stronger as she watches him command the search party. Bill asks Steffy for help.


Logans/Nick/Forresters: The families are devastated when Capt. Marone lets them know the rescue efforts for Thomas and Brooke have been called off. Meanwhile, they try to protect RJ from what has happened to his mother and older brother.

Ridge/Taylor/Whip: The Chiseled One and Doc decide to search for Thomas and Brooke on their own. Taylor's love for Ridge once again bubbles up to the surface. Whip is not happy Taylor is spending all this time with Ridge and the green-eyed monster returns. Taylor's feelings for Ridge dominates her moral compass (yeah I laughed too).

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Ridge/Nick/Bill: The men put their personal differences aside to find Thomas and Brooke.

Stephanie/Dayzee: La Forrester is remorseful about the past and present. Dayzee lends Stephanie a shoulder to lean on while she deals with her own hurt regarding Thomas. Dayzee finally breaks down and tells Stephanie how she feels about Thomas and how scared she is the Logan family will look for payback for Marcus.

Stephen/Donna/Pam: The Logan patriarch and his lady love anxiously await news on their loves ones. Pam surprises Donna by giving her advice.

Eric: He tries to gear Stephanie up for the worst case scenario.