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The Young and the Restless: Jack and Diane Get Nasty!

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Jack/Diane: They hit the sheets.

Malcolm/Sofia/Neil: The new Mrs. Winters attempts to keep the real story from Neil.

Devon/Abby/Daniel/Lily: He thinks Daniel and Lily are creeping. Will he be a shoulder for Abby to cry on? Meanwhile, The Naked Heiress pleads with her mom not to marry Tucker. If Ash doesn't listen, look for Abby to pull a stunt that would make Reva Shayne herself proud at the nuptials!

Adam: The black sheep starts to doubt the real cause of Sharon's death.

Nick/Noah: They eceive Sharon's letter and are heartbroken.

Billy: The Abbott bad boy finally tells Victoria the truth behind Lucy.

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Diane: The new Mrs. Victor Newman's suspicions regarding Victor and Nikki become fact. At first Diane turns a blind eye but starts to wonder if Victor's financial security is worth looking like a fool.

Cane/Lily: As you know by now, Cane is alive and well. So who died? Mama knows...

This Summer: Look for a whole new group of teens to storm Genoa City. We're hearing RUMBLINGS that Ricky Williams could be on his way to town. Also, will Kyle FINALLY be SORAS'ed. Look for Noah, Eden, Ricky and Kyle to be involved in some Gossip Girl-style shenanigans...