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Touch, Lord: Brooke and Thomas Get High Off Berries and Possibly Love on Bold and Beautiful

Leave it to The Bold and the Beautiful boss Brad Bell to make me burst out into a fit of hysterical, crazed, giggle-farts, following a day of trying to stay on top of one depressing daytime-related headline after another. In a new TV Guide exclusive, Bell gives Michael Logan the deets on the fabulous Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) possibly boinking her sex god, 20-something stepson Thomas (Adam Gregory), while under the infleunce of...berries.


TV Guide Magazine: Psychedelic-fruit sex — another B&B first! So what's the scoop?

Bell: Well, Brooke and Thomas wash ashore on a Fijian island but it's no tropical paradise — it's more like a sand dune with a few scrappy bushes and a cave. They're near starvation, near dehydration, and they finally find nourishment in the form of these berries that turn out to have psychedelic and aphrodisiac properties. So let the games begin.

TV Guide Magazine: Is this based on any kind of actual tropical-fruit science or did you just make this stuff up?

Bell:These are totally fictitious berries.

She was driving last Friday on her way to Cincinnati on a snow white Christmas Eve...

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