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Will Katie Couric End Up on ABC Daytime After All?!

TV Guide is hearing Katie Couric is thisclose to inking a deal with The Mouse House. According to the report, ABC has been agressively courting the former Today Show host and soon-to-be exiting CBS Evening News anchor to offset the loss off Oprah Winfrey and cancelling two soaps. Here's a snippet:


ABC's last minute surge to get Couric may be driven by the loss of The Oprah Winfrey Show on its owned and operated TV stations. "They are still in the station business," says one industry insider. "They are not going to go with those new daytime shows after killing their soaps and losing Oprah, leading into the evening news and prime time."

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What, you mean the insider doesn't think such future Paley Center honorees as The Chew and The Revolution are viable enough to steady ABC's daypart after losing Oprah, Reege and Erica Kane? I'm shocked. Shocked I say!

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