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ANOTHER ABC DAYTIME SCANDAL: Frank and Doris Hursley's Estate SUES Network For Allegedly Stiffing General Hospital Creators!

Who said things couldn't get worse for ABC Daytime?TMZ is reporting the estate of the late Frank and Doris Hursley, co-creators of General Hospital, is suing ABC over alleged unpaid percentages in the soap opera's syndication profits.


According to the lawsuit, the Hursley's daughters claim their parents struck a deal with ABC way back when ... to reap 10% of all profits from the syndication of the show ... but ABC hasn't honored the deal.

The daughters allege ABC has cooked the books for years -- and has failed to pay the full amount owed to the creators.

The Hursley children do not specify how much money they believe ABC owes -- but they want a judge to force ABC to open up its books to an audit ASAP.

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While the TMZ report doesn't name the heirs who are allegedly suing ABC, Brigdet Dobson, who created NBC's cult hit sudser Santa Barbara (1984-1993)with her husband Jerome, is the daughter of the Hursleys and got her soap writing start at General Hospital in the early 70's. In addition to GH and Santa Barbara, the Dobsons also wrote for Guiding Light (1975-1979), where they created the beloved Spaulding family and wrote the infamous marital rape of Holly Norris (Maureen Garrett) by Roger Thorpe (the late Michael Zaslow), and for As The World Turns (1979-1983).

In 1988, the Dobsons were reportedly locked out of their offices at NBC, following a dispute over Santa Barbara.The writers filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against NBC and New World Television, owners of the series. The suit was settled out of court in 1991, allowing the Dobsons to return to the helm of the soap. During the time the Dobsons were away from their sudser, Jill Farren Phelps, current executive producer of General Hospital, helmed the soap opera.

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