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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie tries to get Liz to tell Nikolas the truth, but Liz deflects it by saying she still has feelings for Lucky, but has given him the okay to marry Siobhan.  Nik’s confused as to Maxie’s involvement, since she’s always been Liz’s enemy. Maxie explains by saying she understands Liz’s pain, having lost her sister and wants to make amends for the damage she did to Liz and Lucky’s marriage.  She feels Lucky needs Liz, but Liz says Siobhan is the one that makes him happy.  Liz says she can’t expect Lucky to save her all the time, and won't stand in his way of marrying Siobhan. 

When Nikolas leaves, Maxie points out that if Lucky knew the truth, he wouldn’t marry Siobhan.  Liz feels Lucky and Nik’s relationship would suffer, but Maxie thinks they would overcome it.  Liz doesn’t want to be responsible for that. 

Sam warns Lucky that Luke is trying to provoke Jason and they need to keep the two away from each other.  Lucky says he’ll deal with his father and asks Sam not to tell Jason that Luke was there.  Sam claims they don’t keep secrets and Lucky asks her to stall Jason.  She mentions having told Sonny about Luke.  Lucky says his father never turned his back on him and that he loves Luke and won’t let him down.  Sam tells him he’s not responsible for his father’s drinking, but Lucky promises to get his father some help.

Sonny explains to Luke that goading Jason isn’t the answer and will only cause more problems. Sonny tries to tell Luke that he understands the guilt.  Luke reminds him that he never killed a child, but Sonny mentions his inability to visit Michael in the hospital during the coma. Sonny says it’s not fair to bait Jason, who would regret killing Luke, but Luke doesn’t believe that.  Sonny wonders about Lulu, Ethan and Tracy’s reactions, and Luke admits that Tracy deserves better.  Sonny wonders how Luke can do this to Lucky, who will lose a father as well as a son.  Luke feels it’s too late for forgiveness.  Sonny mentions the hardship of dealing with his own illness, but he takes his meds for his kids.  Luke feels they’re very different fathers and this is one thing he can’t come back from.  

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Michael confesses to killing Brandon.  Abby tells him to stop lying for her.  Dante knows it’s a false confession, as does Ronnie, who tells Jason that a confession from him would trump Michael’s.  Ronnie takes Abby into the interrogation room, and Michael begs and pleads with his brother to let him or Jason talk to her. Dante is none to pleased about all the rules Michael wants him to break.  Dante persuades Ronnie to let Jason talk to Abby.

Jason demands the truth from Abby; did she kill Brandon or not? She swears she didn’t, but she’ll confess to save Michael.  Abby says she’ll take a chance with the battered woman defense, but Jason feels Michael needs her, since she’s been good for him and needs her to go free.  When Jason leaves, Michael promises Abby that he’ll get her out. 

Johnny comes home to find Anthony ordering roses online.  Johnny wants to know why his father is setting up Abby and bringing unwanted attention to them. Johnny explains that he too has a plan.  Anthony feels Johnny needs to think bigger. He has good instincts, but he feels they need Michael as leverage to control Sonny.  Anthony makes a crack about Claudia, which royally pisses off Johnny. He ends up threatening his father. 

Sonny meets with Lucky to explain to him that Luke doesn’t want to become his own father. Luke thinks Lucky blames the alcohol, because he can’t blame his father.  Lucky admits he looked the other way for years, because he wanted to be just like his father. He never thought Luke would breakdown and let the demons take over.  Sonny feels Luke doesn’t want to be seen as the guy who killed a child and wonders what Lucky plans on doing. 

When Jason and Michael get home, they explain to Sam about the eyewitness. In turn, she promises to have Spinelli look into it.  Michael swears the witness must be lying, but Jason thinks it was set up for the witness to see.  Jason wonders who would benefit from framing Abby.

Dante thanks Abby for sending Michael home, because he’s afraid for Michael and wants to help.  Abby tells him she didn’t kill Brandon and won’t be admitting she did.  Dante hopes Jason’s not organizing another cover up.  Abby doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in prison and Dante wonders who would set her up. 

Johnny tells his father that he’s tired of cleaning up his messes, but Anthony claims there’s a bigger project that’s about to happen and all hell will break loose. 

Lucky asks Nikolas to help him organize an intervention for Luke and explains that his father is trying to provoke Jason into killing him.  Lucky feels he needs to go to rehab and Nik wonders if Lucky is ready to cut all ties with his father if this doesn’t work.  Lucky says the whole family needs to be involved and everything should happen as soon as possible.  As they’re speaking, Luke is seen packing a bag and leaving.