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General Hospital Spoilers: Luke's Intervention, Must See TV?


Luke’s intervention is must see TV according to pretty much everyone out there. ABC’s promotions are not letting us forget about Tony Geary’s six Emmy wins—despite the fact that I would like to forget about a couple of them—certainly making us believe this episode will be all that and a bag of chips, but what if the almighty GH winds up with egg on their face, again?

I have all the faith in the acting crew… Geary, Jonathan Jackson, Julie Marie Berman, Jane Elliot, Laura Wright and Maurice Benard. I’m sure there will a day’s worth of powerful scenes and impact moments. I just can’t get past the fact though, that the boy Luke’s drunken ass killed didn’t even get an onscreen funeral, but Luke is getting an all day intervention.

Luke’s intervention kicks off sweeps… or is it sweeps? Where oh where have my sweeps stunts gone?

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