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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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On today’s episode, we get a reprieve from the Michael drama, but we get Brenda’s drama instead and Lulu spends most of her time in the land of denial. 

Lulu and Ethan stop by to see Lucky, who asks them to help him plan an intervention for Luke.  Lulu is absolutely not interested, saying Luke will simply shut down and walk out. She feels the best thing to do is to simply tell their father how much they love him.  Lucky explains that their father has already bottomed out, and tells her about the Jason stuff.  Ethan’s shocked that Luke would goad Jason, but Lulu thinks nothing would have come of it.  Lucky swears they need to do something now because they’re running out of time, and their father will end up dead. 

Tracy gets to the Star and finds Luke gone.  Nikolas finds her there, and lets her know Lucky was planning an intervention and explains how Luke was provoking Jason into coming after him.  Nikolas figures Luke has to return at some point, but Tracy feels his guilt will keep him running.  The two head over to Lucky’s to let him know that Luke has taken off. Lulu hopes he stays gone, because she feels addiction is Lucky’s problem and not her father’s. She goes on to say that if they manage to pull off the intervention, she won’t be there. 

When Liz comes out to get her newspaper, she finds Luke standing in the spot where Jake was hit.  Luke apologizes, but Liz says it was an accident; he’s not to blame and should forgive himself.  Liz understands his guilt and tells him that Lucky is worried about him and she doesn’t want Lucky to lose his father as well as his son.  Luke feels it will always be a devastating loss, no matter what, and that Lucky will move on without him.  Liz says she gave Lucky her blessing to marry Siobhan and has to convince herself she’s ok with it.  Luke tells her she needs to let Lucky go and Liz says she’s trying. 

Robin stops by for a visit with Brenda and the two small talk about kids. Robin comments that Brenda seems happy, but Brenda brings up the Carly issue, and how she accused Brenda of keeping Sonny from his kids.  Robin assures her that Sonny is loyal to her, but Brenda feels he’s distant to Lucian.   Brenda thinks Carly is forcing Sonny to choose between her kids or Brenda’s, but Robin feels that Sonny is just trying to make everyone happy.  Brenda explains how Diane told her to mind her beeswax about Michael, but again Robin says it’s not about picking sides.  Talk turns to Suzanne and Robin wonders why she would suddenly return with Lucian. Brenda defends Suzanne and claims she didn’t accept her story blindly.  Robin convinces Brenda to do a DNA test, just to lay Sonny’s fears to rest and Brenda agrees to it. 

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Patrick questions Lisa about doing a surgery on one of his patients, but she explains the need, and he apologizes for yelling at her.  Lisa tells him their roll in the hay cost her more than it did him. She knows he’s back with Robin and is fine with it.  She’s happy with the memories of their college days, but she’s moved on and isn’t dwelling on the past.  And then her pants caught on fire, seeing as she’s a lying liar. 

Ethan runs into Kristina and explains his situation with Luke and the intervention. He thinks the whole thing will crash and burn.  Kristina assures him that he’ll be able to help his father, just like he’s been able to help her.  Kristina wonders if a one on one with Ethan and Luke would work better, but Ethan doesn’t think so.  She asks if he’d want help if he was in Luke’s shoes, but Ethan admits that if he’d killed a child, he’d end his own life.  He thanks her for listening to him and she hopes things work out. 

Robin runs into Kristina and asks if she’s able to replace the old babysitter for the month of May.  Later at the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that Kristina is available.  Lisa runs into Kristina and makes small talk about college and Kristina says she’s calmer about it all, thanks to the herbal medicine that Lisa gave her.  Lisa mentions someday needing a favor. 

Suzanne stops by to see Brenda, who apologizes for Sonny’s behavior towards her.  Suzanne is fine with it, since she understands Sonny being protective of his wife.  Brenda says she has a way to fix it all; by having Lucian take a DNA test. 

Tracy finds Lulu at the Star and tries to explain to her why the intervention should be done.  Lulu swears up and down that her father does not have a drinking problem and Lucky just wants to blame the booze.  She points out that no one has done anything before, and Tracy agrees that was wrong.  Tracy mentions the Jason thing, and again, Lulu says Jason wouldn’t kill her father and swears he’s not an alcoholic.  Tracy believes they’ll lose him if they do nothing and feels Luke needs love, support, honesty and their help. 

Lucky and Nik discuss the intervention and Nik tells him Luke’s drinking is not his fault and that he’s still grieving and others should be helping him with that.  Lucky says he doesn’t want to lose his father. 

Luke shows up at Jake’s for drinks and asks Siobhan to join him.  The two discuss their favorite places and they’ve both been to many.  Luke reminisces about when Lucky was six and they got separated in Istanbul, but Lucky found his way back.  When Luke’s out of earshot, Siobhan calls Lucky to let him know where his father is.  Lucky calls Ethan to help him get their father.   

Ethan shows up at the bar and begins drinking with Luke, but slips him something in his drink and Luke falls asleep, as Lucky gets there to take him away.