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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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This was a very difficult episode to recap, because it was all about the intervention and very heavy on dialogue.  Although, I will give kudos to Jonathan Jackson, who had the most dialogue and did a bang up job with it. 

Luke wakes up to find himself duct taped to a chair and is pissed off to find out he’s been dragged into an intervention.  The Intervention leader, Calvin, lets him know that he needs to acknowledge he has a problem with alcohol.   Luke wonders why they couldn’t all confront him one on one, but Tracy mentions that they are all concerned for him and Lucky feels they had no other choice.  All of them have been asked to write letters to him, but Luke dismisses that. He reiterates his mantra that the alcohol is easier to blame, he’s not an alcoholic and no concern will make him one. 

Lulu’s the first to start.  Once she starts her letter, the background changes, the other characters are not shown, and it’s only the speaking character and Luke.  Lulu remembers their ice fishing trips and how she hated them but looked forward to him, so that she could be with her father.  She asks him to respect her and support her unconditionally.

The two watch the flashback of themselves.

Flashback:  Luke and Lulu sitting in the car talking, before she goes in for her abortion.

Ethan pulls out his letter.  My channel cut out for a weather report and I missed most of Ethan’s part. No one online at the time this was written seemed to have those five minutes. 

Sonny interrupts Ethan’s time to ask why Luke can’t save his own life. He respects Luke and feels he’s a good father.  He says watching Luke made him want to be a dad.

Flashback: Sonny, Luke and Lucky on the camping trip where they pierce Lucky’s ear.

Nik admits they share a rocky relationship and Luke usually shows up drunk, just so he can go off on Nik. However, he has been there for him on occasion. 

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Flashback: When Nikolas was shot and Luke helped him.

Carly tells him he’s an alcoholic in denial, but admits she does love him and asks him to fight back and get treatment.  Luke doesn’t want to give up who he is, but she says he’s not; he’s just giving up the booze.

Luke feels Tracy outmaneuvered him, but she says they aren’t playing games; they’re trying to save his life, and he needs help.  She feels he’s her miracle, coming into her life the way that he did, but she won’t accept his disease.  She admits she enabled him. Their marriage started when they were drunk in Vegas and she figured he could only love her when he was drunk. 

Flashback:  When Helena held them captive and Tracy was sick and Luke declared his undying love to her. 

Tracy explains that’s why she needed him to be sober for their recent wedding, and she expects him to seek treatment for the alcoholism, because she can’t carry the marriage by herself.  Luke says he married her with no agenda, but that she wants to change him. He refuses to change even for her.   

It's Lucky turn to read his letter.  He feels his father became his hero the day he was born. He learned so much from Luke, because he’s the best dad.  Lucky remembers them coming together after their riff.

Flashback: Luke and Lucky making up and Luke calling him his hero.

Lucky says he understands what his father is going through.  He has the same disease and it’s the hardest thing to accept.  Lucky tells him he needs to fight every day, to fight the disease.  He says he needs his father, that he needs his wisdom and his strength, and not a fake, diminished version of him.  He wants his dad. 

Luke says he would do anything for Lucky, but he won’t lie.  He won’t say something just because Lucky needs to hear it.  Luke says he has to live with Jake’s death, but that Lucky has to live with the death not being caused by alcohol, because he’s not an alcoholic. 

Calvin tells Luke that they want him to seek treatment. The kids have arranged to take him to the rehab clinic at Shadybrook.  Luke refuses to go.  Calvin says he can’t be forced, but if he doesn’t go, there will be consequences. 

Nik tells him his doors are closed to him.  Sonny says he won't be there for him.  Carly says the Metro Court is off limits.  Ethan says there will be no more cons.  Tracy bars him from the Star, the house and her bed.  Lulu says there will be no more contact with her.  Lucky says Luke will not be welcome in his home or life, not to call or come knocking.  He tells him to get help or he’s on his own. 

Luke asks to be let out of the chair and Ethan cuts him loose.   Luke tells them to pat themselves on the back and say they tried. He’s an unrepentant bastard who mowed down a child and there’s a bottle with his name on it.