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One Life to Live Recap: Cold Cold Heart

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Aubrey:  We will take very good care of Ryder, I promise.  You can trust me.

In Clint’s hospital room, Aubrey and Cutter engage in the same ‘commitment to the plan’ argument.  She takes issue with his “joke” about offing Clint as Dorian arrives on the floor and is labeled a hero by one of the nurses.  Dorian interrupts Aubrey and Cutter, revealing her knowledge of their true relationship and promising to out them as soon as possible.  Cutter sends Aubrey to the courthouse while he “handles” Dorian.

Viki recovers, much to Tess’ dismay, and though she fears her illness ruined everything, the case proceeds.  Although Viki is a pillar of the community, the judge determines her mental health to be too risky, and she denies Viki’s petition.  Before Tess and Ford can take their celebration out of the courtroom, the judge holds Tess to the same standard and labels Ford a liar, declaring them unfit parents and their marriage an obvious fraud.  To everyone’s horror, the judge decides to put Ryder at the mercy of the Commonwealth until Natalie throws in a bid.

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John startles Kelly in his hovel.  She never got his message and is there cooking him dinner after swiping Roxy’s passkey.  John cancels, but he assures an insecure Kelly that his plans with Marty are solely for investigatory purposes because he’s disturbed by Marty’s behavior and concerned for those he cares about.  As their fling appears to be getting real, they promise proceed with their plans as soon as John’s finished with Marty.  On her way out, she passes off Todd’s envelope containing the unbreakable code that she and Blair found, and she warns John to be on the lookout for a “boiled bunny” at Marty’s.

Living in proximity to Viki takes Natalie out of the running, so Aubrey, who has joined Joey, steps up and offers the newlyweds as temporary guardians.  Tess nearly blows her out of the water, but Aubrey shuts her down, and the judge is swayed by Aubrey’s plea.  Viki is over the moon, and her overwhelming gratitude touches Aubrey.  Ford denounces his marriage to Tess and storms out.  As she follows suit, she passes Kelly, who stops Natalie for an update.  Natalie delights in informing a stunned Kelly that Joey and Aubrey were granted custody.

Cutter makes an overture, but Dorian swats him away, insisting she was previously using him while now, she’s happily married.  Clint awakens, bellowing at Dorian, and Cutter steps into the hallway.  Clint accuses Dorian of leaving him to die and threatening to have her charged with attempted murder, but she insists he’d actually be dead if not for her.  As a nurse informs Cutter that Clint would be in better shape if Dorian had gotten to him sooner, he overhears Clint slam Dorian for withholding treatment.  Clint’s doctor arrives, and Dorian steps out.  As the doctor appears to deliver a grim prognosis, Cutter blackmails Dorian with his new found knowledge.

Marty designs a romantic dinner, complete with sexy attire, but Dr. Buhari arrives instead of John.  She accuses Marty of stealing the session tape, but innocent, Marty slams her for being careless.  Marty boasts about manipulating the system, and disgusted, Buhari finds herself increasingly inclined to adhere to personal ethics rather than professional ones.  Marty reminds her of her oath, making threats and vowing to sue, but Buhari insists the truth will come out regardless, and “lying to a man who can’t abide lies” will blow up in Marty’s face.  As Marty screams at Buhari to keep silent around John, she throws open the door to find John there.

Having dropped off Shane with Echo, Rex reveals the charges Jack filed against Rex, and Gigi surprises herself when she says she wants to thank Clint for stepping up for Shane.  Rex admits he hired the thugs, though only to scare Jack, and Gigi understands, but worries about legal action.  She admits, however, that she committed a crime as well.  She stole Shane’s session tape, and she knows it was wrong, but she’s remains completely freaked out.  When she decides to return the tape, Rex stops her.  He wants to respect Shane, but he also wants to be informed.  They prepare to listen, unaware they’re in possession of Marty’s mislabeled session.