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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Suzanne and Brenda make small talk about Lucian and Sonny walks through the door.  Brenda tells Sonny that she’s decided to do the DNA test to prove Suzanne is telling the truth and ease his fears.  Suzanne promises to leave them alone to bond once the results come in.  Brenda asks her not to leave yet, because she wants her son to get to know his grandmother. Suzanne promises Brenda she'll stay in town for a while and then leaves, but listens in on BrenSon’s conversation.  Sonny’s still not happy with Suzanne and won’t apologize for trying to protect Brenda.  She asks him to go with her and Lucian to get ice cream, but he says he’s dealing with stuff with Michael.  Brenda says she’s feeling insecure that he won’t love Lucian like he does Michael, but Sonny assures her that he's not choosing between them.

Lisa shows up at Johnny’s, half naked, only to be surprised by Anthony, who’s quite smitten by her.  He appreciates beautiful things and says everything he’s read about her reminds him of Claudia.  Lisa’s surprised that he had her investigated and tried to deny most of the stories about her.  Johnny comes home, and is not happy to see his father with Lisa, who continues to question her and wonders why Lisa would set her sights on Patrick.

Johnny ushers Lisa out and questions his father about his interest in her.  Anthony plays the crazy card, babbling about his roses, but Johnny sees through it and wonders why his father is working so hard to distract him. He wants to know what he’s really up to. 

Michael is happy that Abby is home, out on bail, but Dante reminds them of the witness.  Jason wonders who would go to the trouble to frame Abby and if the witness checks out.  Dante warns Michael that he needs to stay away from Abby while this is going on and reminds him of his parole curfew.  Michael doesn't like being treated like a child, but finally concedes to spend the night at the loft. 

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Robin and Patrick head out for a night at Jake’s, leaving Kristina in charge of Emma.  Kris gets a call from a friend who has gotten into Yale and it upsets her.  She takes one of her pills, but realizes her bottle is empty.  Kristina calls Lisa, who comes to the house, and Kris tells Lisa her woes and says she’s out of pills.  Lisa happens to have a bottle on her, and Kris takes another one and starts to feel tired.  Lisa offers to keep an eye on Emma while Kristina naps.  Lisa starts snooping around the house.

Maxie invites Sam to Jake’s for darts and drinks, but Sam explains she’s having the reconstructive surgery in the morning.  Maxie feels getting pregnant now is a bad idea.  When Jason gets home, out of Sam’s earshot, Maxie offers her condolences for Jake, admits she understands because of Georgie, but feels it’s too soon to have a child.  Jason wonders if she thinks it’s wrong.  Maxie knows that Sam would do anything for him, but wonders if it’s not the right time to have a baby.  Sam overhears.

Sam explains to Jason that the surgery will last a few hours. He’s concerned because he wants to support her, but wonders if she’s doing this for him.  She says no one can replace Jake and that’s not what she’s doing. 

Matt and Coleman are discussing relationships.  Coleman’s having problems with Kate, now that’s she’s traveling the world.  Matt says his relationship with Maxie is good, as she arrives and plants a kiss on him.  Robin and Patrick join them to play darts, but Patrick gets a call from the hospital and leaves.  When Patrick is done at the hospital, he leaves Robin a message that he’s going home to relieve Kristina. 

Sonny stops by to see Abby and asks her to break things off with Michael until the murder thing is off her head.  He understands that she’s good for Michael, but needs her to back off.  Abby refuses and Sonny says he will do everything to protect his son. 

Sonny asks Dante for help with Michael, explaining that he told Abby to stay away and she wouldn’t and wants Dante to back him.  When Michael shows up, he’s angry with Dante for telling about the confession, but Sonny admits he didn’t get the info from Dante. He tells Michael that he Mabby to cool it for a while, but Michael refuses. 

Abby calls on Jason to help her convince Sonny not to force her to break up with Michael.  Jason agrees since he feels she’s good for Michael.  He wonders about Johnny’s involvement and Abby remembers that Johnny said it was nice to have a Corinthos owe him.

Jason goes to Johnny and asks who the Abby look alike was that he hired to murder Brandon and frame Abby.  Johnny denies it, but Jason says he owes Michael for putting him in a coma.  Anthony listens in.

Robin meets Brenda and Lucian at Kelly’s.  They make small talk about kids and the bad habits they pick up from their parents. They discuss the DNA test and how easy it is to do.   Lucian’s playing by the jukebox while the girls talk, but when they look up, he’s gone.