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One Life to Live Recap: Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

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Editor's Note: Recap for Episode Airing Friday, April 29, 2011

Téa:  I don’t know if I should keep hoping.  I don’t know if I can.

Dani is unnerved when she walks into Todd’s room as Tea is reciting St. Jude’s Prayer for the Hopeless.  She tells Tea about the syringe and Tomas’ possible involvement.  Tea isn’t surprised, but she believes in her brother.  Dani is still miffed at Nate for casting blame, but Tea points out that in spite of everything, Nate was protecting Todd.  Tea reveals Todd had been receiving pressuring phone calls prior to the shooting, and she believes they were from the shooter, though her investigations came up empty.  Dani worries she’s giving up on Todd’s recovery, but Tea promises she’s hopeful.  Alone, Tea tells Todd she lied to Dani.  She’s tired of hoping in vain, but as she entertains giving up, Todd wakes up, griping about her “waterworks”;  Tea is over the moon.

Nate confides in Shaun that he’s not Dani’s favorite person at the moment, but he’s desperate to make things right.  Shaun insists if Nate’s suspicion is correct, then both of their instincts about Tomas were right.  As Nate is about to leave, Dani stops him.  They make up, promising nothing will come between them, though Dani appears somewhat unconvinced.  She does confide, however, in Tea’s belief that Todd knows his shooter.

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Blair and Starr converge at Capricorn to show off their individual hotness before their respective dates.  They wish each other well and part ways.  Tomas arrives, confused about the “Private Party” notice on the door, but Blair assures him the alone time is for them.  He thought she’d want a crowd, clearly believing he’s guilty of Todd’s shooting.  He maintains innocence and refuses to play games, and if Blair is strictly on a fact-finding mission, he’s uninterested.  She stops him from leaving, and he admits he thinks they’d be good together.

They share their respective suspicions and decide on radical honesty.  Blair imparts her history as a golddigger fueled by her foster care upbringing and need to care for Addie.  She’s regretful, but Tomas thinks people can do “bad things for the right reasons.”  He’s lived selfishly, to the point of abandoning his family, but he’s grateful to be given a second chance with what matters, which includes Blair.  He dreamed of meeting her after finding the photo, and after getting to know her, his interest has only grown.  Blair admits to similar feelings, and they draw closer to each other.

Deanna burns dinner, causing a plume of smoke in the apartment.  She opens the door to air it out, as she wonders if her admission changes things between her and James.  He’s sympathetic that she fell victim to Eddie’s manipulations, but she broke his trust.  She despairs and he gives her a comforting hug as Starr arrives.  Starr’s angry Deanna remains, so Deanna apologizes and tells Starr the whole truth. 

Though Starr understands, she calls Deanna on her intentions. Deanna admits to coming to town with the hope of winning James back, but she promises she respects their relationship.  Starr wants to take Deanna to the bus, but Deanna shocks Starr and James when she decides she to stay in Llanview.

Rex and Gigi are reticent, but they decide to play Shane’s (actually Marty’s) session tape until they’re interrupted by Natalie asking them to babysit.  She fills them in on the case, and admits to having enjoyed needling Kelly about Joey and Aubrey’s win.  Because they’re bad liars, Natalie knows she intruded on something, and Rex reveals everything about Shane’s bullying, suicide attempt, and Gigi’s stealing of the tape.  A horrified Natalie reassures their parenting and sympathizes with their continued worries.  She offers to “do the dirty work” and listen to the tape, and she’ll only tell them anything pivotal.  Rex and Gigi agree, and they step out as Natalie prepares to listen.

John arrives at Marty’s as Marty is ordering Dr. Buhari to keep silent around John, and he wonders what’s going on.  Buhari dares Marty to tell the truth, but Marty only reveals that Buhari lost Marty’s session tape and accused her of stealing it.  John questions Buhari, who corroborates Marty’s statement.  Before she leaves, Buhari warns Marty that the truth will come out one way or another. 

As they have a drink, John asks about Marty’s insinuation that she was the reason for his breakup with Natalie.  Marty realizes Kelly squealed, but she claims Kelly misunderstood.  Marty insists everyone is misrepresenting her, but John wants no secrets between them.  Marty agrees to a clean slate and admits she has information for John, but before she reveals anything, she slinks in closely and plants a kiss on him.