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Why DAYS Needs Matt Ashford

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How time flies; 20 years on soap years can seem like an eternity.  How quickly a 20-year relationship, romance and then marriage, can be turned upside down and onto its head without any explanation at all. When shows make changes to their writing team or production crew, they run the risk of losing focus to their television serials structure, backbone and history. Unfortunately, we have seen the sudden cancellation of two daytime soap operas – One Life To Live and All My Children, serials that have brought television drama into the homes of many for generations.

There is no doubt that the soap opera industry is fighting for survival. Only a handful of daytime soaps remain on screen or tied to a tight contract – Days of Our Lives is one of them. Several new storylines have begun to form on the show, which has seen viewer outrage and backlash, one in particular that story of Jennifer Rose Horton (Melissa Reeves) and her sudden loss of love for her husband Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford).

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This  trip down memory lane takes you back to the year 1991 when Jack and Jennifer were married before a large studio audience, on location at Universal Studios’ Wild West Arena. The scene begins in true comical fashion for Jack, but is quick to focus back to the mutual loving vows that they exchange between them. ‘Now there is no loneliness’ Jennifer says, ‘Now there are two bodies but one life before us’.  If these clips don't showcase that Jack and Jennifer's love is not one that can be so easily dismissed, then I don't know what could.