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One Life to Live Spoilers: Todd Names Tomas as His Shooter!

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A bad boy waking up out of a coma, confessions and an arrest will turn things upside down in Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of May 2.

Todd/Tea/Blair/Tomas: Todd will wake up and share a sweet reunion with Tea. Meanwhile, Blair and Tomas will be mighty close to getting their freak on, but get interrupted by a call from the hospital saying Todd is awake. The two rush to hospital and Blair will go in to see Todd by herself. Tomas is going to call Calmar about Todd's newest condition. When Blair leaves Todd, he will tell Tea that he remembers the shooting and seeing Tomas in the window where the shots came from. Tomas is going to deny Todd's claims that he was the shooter. John will show up, but doesn't have any evidence to arrest Tomas, until Natalie calls him. Natalie will tell him that she discovered Tomas' fingerprints on the syringe found under Todd's bed. This newfound evidence will be enough for John to place Tomas under arrest for the attempted murder of Todd Manning.

Tea will not be happy about her brother’s arrest and represents him when John brings him into the interrogation room. However, Tea will lose some faith in her brother when John brings up his sealed confidential CIA file. Later on, Todd will get a strange phone call. After the call, Todd will find out about Jack's bullying of Shane. Todd is going to rip his son a new one for being so cruel to Shane and urge him to not turn into his father. Gigi, Rex, Shane and Blair show up and Todd will force Jack to apologize to Shane. Did Tomas shoot Todd?

Clint/Bo: Bo visits Clint and Clint will tell his brother that he's dying. Bo will take the news hard and later be consoled by Nora. Is Clint really dying?

Viki/Echo/Charlie: Viki is going to listen to the tape Dorian gave Niki. She will head to see Charlie with the tape, as Echo finds out what Viki is up to. Viki is going to play the tape of Echo admitting to Clint that she knew all along that Clint was Rex's true father to Charlie. Charlie will be shaken from hearing the tape, but feels nothing but anger when Echo shows up. The two will have it out, as Viki slips out the door. After, Viki is going to inform Dorian that she believes Echo will come after them like no tomorrow now. Will Viki’s suspicions about Echo come true? 

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Gigi/Rex/Shane: As Natalie plays the tape Gigi stole from Dr. Buhari's office; she will quickly realize that it is not Shane's session, but Marty's. Natalie is going to hear Marty state that she broke up Natalie and John, however Rex will stop the tape before Natalie can hear the rest. Natalie tells them that it's Marty's tape, but Rex and Gigi urge Natalie not to listen to the rest. Rex will bring the tape back to the doctor’s office. A little later, Rex, Gigi and Shane will have a session with Dr. Buhari. Rex is going to admit that he hired minions to beat up Jack, and Shane will make a confession. Rex will also confess that he is having trouble dealing with his anger. When will Rex to face the music for his misdeed?

Marty/John: Marty will do everything she can to seduce John. However, John is going to tell Marty that they should take things slowly. Marty will slip up and say she only wants to make up for John losing his son. John is going to question what Marty means by that, but she quickly covers. Marty and Natalie will have another one of their confrontations. Marty is going to tell Natalie that she and John are back together. Natalie won't believe Marty, especially when John isn't as confident as Marty. Will Natalie figure out that Marty isn't as well as she claims?

Matthew/Destiny: Matthew is going to tell Destiny that he killed Eddie Ford. Later, Destiny will tell WVL-TV reporter Blanca Morales to stop investigating Matthew. Will the reporter be the one to expose Matthew?

James/Deanna/Starr: Deanna is going to plead her case for staying in Llanview. James will think it's a good idea for Deanna to move in with Nate. Meanwhile, Starr and Todd will have a conversation about Deanna. Todd is going to offer to make Deanna disappear, but Starr turns him down. Later on, Starr will tell Dani her problems as they head to meet James and Nate. James is going to tell the sisters about his solution to the Deanna problem and they will not like it one bit. Will Deanna stay in Llanview be cut short? (Side Note: I sure hope so!

Ford/Tess/Cutter: Ford and Tess will get into it about losing Ryder. Tess leaves and is going to fill in Cutter of her problems. Speaking of Cutter, he and Aubrey will have a spat over her feelings for Joey. He will also have to deal with Dorian trying pump him for information. When Joey and Aubrey show up to collect Ryder from Ford, Ford will panic. Tess is going to be slightly shaken by seeing Ford give up Ryder. However, before Joey and Aubrey leave, Ford will propose a deal to them to keep his son. Ford will commit Tess to St. Ann's if the newlywed's allow him to keep his son. The couple will be unsure of the deal, but want Tess admitted to St. Ann's before any plans change. Ford is going to attempt to have Tess committed, but she will inform him that he does not have that right anymore, because he's not her husband. Ford will wonder what she means and Tess is going to tell him that she married Cutter. Has Cutter completely turned on Aubrey?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (May 9):

  • Natalie discovers the truth!
  • Marty is desperate to keep the truth a secret.
  • Kelly and Marty have a nasty argument!
  • Jessica creates a new alter.
  • Todd and Tomas come face to face,
  • Echo declares war on Viki and Dorian.