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AMAZING eBook Offers for Sheri Anderson's Steamy DAYS Novels!

John, Marlena, Shawn and Belle are back! No, not on Days of Our Lives, but in the pages of A Stirring in Salem, the second, steamy offering from former DAYS head writer Sheri Anderson. Stirring picks up where Anderson's Sourcebooks novel A Secret in Salem left off, with our favorite Salemite expats reeling from the financial disaster brought forth by one Richard Gaines.

This time around other fave DAYS characters like Patch, Kayla and Dr. Bill Horton drive story as well, as a lethal threat comes down on a clinic run by the trio. Can Jarlena help Payla save the day? As if you have to ask...


I cannot wait to pick up my copy of A Stirring in Salem. In fact I might just go ahead and order the eBook, which is on sale for just $1.99 through May 9. If anything can make me finally join the world of digital book readers, it's a novel about my Dr. Marlena Evans from one of the best DAYS scribes of all time. 

Remember, A Stirring in Salem is only on sale for $1.99 through May 9.  It goes back up to regular price after that. If you haven't read the juicy first book, A Secret in Salem, you can get if for FREE until May 9 at any eBook retailer. 

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Man would I love for Sony and Corday Productions to adapt Anderson's books as Direct-to-DVD or VOD movies. They could even distribute/promote them first as web series via Sony's ala The Bannen Way. As I always say, a blogger can dream!