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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda and Robin run around screaming Lucian’s name and Brenda realizes that the boy was taken.  She decides to call Suzanne and Sonny to let them know.   Patrick shows up and Robin tells him what’s happened.

While Kristina naps, Lisa plants bugs in Robin and Patrick’s house.  When Kristina wakes up, she wonders why she couldn’t keep her eyes open. However, she’s much calmer now that she’s taking the supplements and offers to pay Lisa, who declines and leaves. 

Jason questions Johnny until Anthony makes his presence known. Jason wonders how he got out and if Johnny orchestrated it, but Johnny blames it on the new lawyer.  Jason figures Anthony is pulling the strings and warns Johnny to put a leash on his father.  After Jason leaves, Johnny accuses his father of hiring someone to kill Brandon, but his father tells him that everything is going to plan to make Sonny bleed. Anthony wonders if Johnny is afraid of Sonny, but Johnny doesn’t want to mess with his kids.  

Michael insists he won’t stay away from Abby, so Sonny gets Nanny Jo to put him in the naughty chair.  No, that was only in my imagination!  Sonny doesn’t want him to go back to prison, but Michael’s willing to violate his parole.  Sonny reminds him of all the people who put their butts on the line for him, but Michael swears he won’t get in trouble.  Sonny gets the call about Lucian, so he and Dante head over to Kelly’s. 

Abby stops by Sam’s, basically to whine about how she can’t be with her precious Michael because of this whole silly murder suspect thing.  Sam thinks someone hired a look alike. 

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Brenda’s in panic mode when Sonny and Dante arrive on the scene. She wonders if one of Sonny’s enemies took Lucian and blames herself for looking away.  She admits to Sonny that she told the bodyguard to stay in the car, since she figured Kelly’s was safe.  Dante wonders if Sonny pissed off anybody lately.  Sonny doesn’t think taking a child is Johnny’s MO, but he does tell Dante about his suspicions of Suzanne. 

Brenda sends Robin and Patrick home as Suzanne arrives, wondering what’s been done.  Suzanne tells them to look into Sonny’s enemies and Sonny mentions Theo.  Lulu shows up, and Dante lets her know what’s happening and then asks how the intervention went.  Lulu explains that it didn’t go well and Luke walked out.  She says she was scared of how he’d react. Dante wonders if she got anything out of it, and Lulu admits she’s been in denial.  Dante tells her he can’t fix this for her, but he’s there for her. 

Jason gets home and lets Sam know that Anthony is out. He believes if Anthony's behind the hit, he doesn’t think Johnny’s in on it.  Jason knows that Anthony wants to destroy Sonny.  Sam decides she’s going to look into it, but Jason wonders why she isn’t resting in preparation for her surgery. Sam’s thinking of putting off the surgery and brings up the fact that what she wants keeps changing.  He tells her it’s her choice, but he’ll support her, no matter what she decides.  Sam says she’s afraid because she thinks Jason will take off on his motorcycle, but he swears he loves her and isn’t going anywhere. Jason's words are enough for Sam to promise to rest and have the surgery. 

Michael heads over to Abby’s, figuring no one will be watching out for him, since they’re all looking for Lucian.  She’s concerned about them being together and he wonders if she wants to break up with him, but she doesn’t but she worries that someone is setting things up to get to Michael.  Michael professes his love for and says everything is worth the risk.  Abby heads to the shower, where Michael joins her.  After their done, she sends him home, and then heads out. 

When Scrubs gets home, they explain to Kristina that Lucian is missing.  They ask her if she can babysit again and she accepts. They are happy to have someone they can trust.  When Kristina leaves, Robin and Patrick talk about what they’ve lost for the past year and how they are happy to be back together, while Lisa listens.

Brenda’s upset that she denied who and what Sonny is and now her son is paying the price.  She begs him to call everyone.  Brenda screams at him that he’s not doing anything, but Sonny reminds her that his men are on it, as well as the police.  She questions his faith in the police, but he says he has faith in Dante to find Lucian.  She screams that she will handle this and wonders what kind of mother lets her son wander off.  She begs him again to make calls, knowing Lucian’s in trouble.  Sonny tells her they need to wait and doesn’t know what she wants, but she’s just upset that he’s gone.

Dante asks Suzanne to meet him at the PCPD and asks her where she was when Lucian was taken.  She says she was on a call to ASEC, trying to round up another celebrity, now that Brenda isn’t working for them anymore.  He tells her she was awfully calm when she found out he was missing and thinks it’s because she knows Lucian's whereabouts.

When Johnny and Anthony leave their place, Jason breaks in, looking for information.  He hears someone coming in and turns to see a blonde woman.  Ten bucks says it’s Abby, thinking it’s a genius idea to be breaking into a mobster’s home.