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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin’s concerned about Brenda and feels helpless in the search to find Lucian.  She’s angry with herself, feeling she should have been watching Lucian closer, but Patrick assures her it isn’t her fault and she had no control over the situation.

Johnny finds Lisa listening in on Scrubs' conversation, but she claims she was researching the Zacchara's online.  She thinks Anthony is quite the charmer and wonders what it would be like growing up that way.  Johnny warns her that his father can play the charmer, but can turn sour just as fast.  Johnny tells her that she’s become an excellent doctor and doesn’t need to be crazy.

Jason catches Abby coming into Johnny’s place and drags her back to his penthouse, asking why she was there.  She can’t believe that Johnny was behind the set up and wanted to question him.  Jason asks her if she has been working with the Zacchara's and insists on honesty.  She wonders if he would kill her, but Jason wouldn’t because she’s good for Michael.  Personally, at this point, I think she’s becoming bad for Michael, since he’s obsessed with her, but what do I know.  Jason tells her he’ll pay off her debt to Johnny, so that he can’t hold that over her head.  Abby wants to clear her name because she’s scared for Michael. 

Dante accuses Suzanne of grabbing Lucian, but she tells him to look for the child rather than shift the blame to her.  Dante admits that her alibi checked out, but she’s still a suspect.  He feels things never added up with her and figures she brought Lucian to Brenda to then take him away and show Brenda what it’s like to lose a child.  Suzanne accuses Sonny of ruling the town and cops, but Dante reminds her Sonny didn’t take Lucian.  Suzanne tells him to find her grandson. 

Brenda still wants Sonny to drive around and look for Lucian.  She says she doesn’t know how she’s supposed to feel.  Sonny tries to comfort her by mentioning that all three of his children have been kidnapped and were safely returned.  This is not a comfort for Brenda, who can’t believe that she thought nothing bad could happen being married to Sonny.  He swears this had nothing to do with him or his business, because no one knew Lucian was living with them. 

Carly and Shawn make small talk about Josslyn until Jax walks up. He mentions to Carly that Josslyn is scheduled to be released as planned and will be joining him at the hotel.  Carly insists on taking her home to her own crib, but Jax refuses, saying he doesn’t want Joss exposed to violence.  Carly feels she has every right to her daughter.  Jax tells her to get rid of the criminal element and that she’s an unfit mother, but Carly claims she never put her daughter in danger and he should be grateful to Jason for giving up Jake’s kidney.  Jax wants primary custody and will fight for it, using everything he can against her. 

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Shawn comes to Carly’s defense, telling Jax to back off and leave, but Jax says he’ll go when he’s done and to mind his beeswax.  Shawn says it’s his job to protect Carly and Josslyn, even from Jax.  Jax tells Carly he won’t compromise on Josslyn’s safety.  After Jax leaves, Shawn feels he’s just trying to punish Carly, but assures her that she’s a good mother.  Carly admits that Jax looks better on paper, but Diane will fight for her. Shawn hopes they can resolve things without going to court.  Carly doesn’t want Joss caught in the middle. 

Sonny stops by to see if Dante is making any progress.  Dante tells him nothing is pointing to Sonny’s enemies, but that Suzanne was angry about being brought in. Despite her alibi checking out, Dante feels she is involved.  My man Dante’s a smart cookie. 

Anthony thanks a blonde woman for her work in killing Brandon and framing Abby and pays her.  She takes off her blonde wig, just as Johnny walks in and the two pretend that she’s just someone sleeping with Anthony.  After she’s gone, Anthony goes on about his roses, but Johnny tells him to stay out of his business. Johnny informs his father that his help is not needed or wanted.  Anthony says he’ll need his wisdom and that Johnny is too moral and doesn’t have the stomach to do what needs to be done. 

Jason explains to Abby about Anthony and his suspicions that Anthony is behind the set up.  Abby feels helpless, saying all fingers point at her and she might end up going to prison for it.  Michael shows up and Abby leaves, telling Michael to listen to Jason, who’s acting in his best interests.  Michael warns Jason not to tell him to stay away from Abby, because he won’t.  Jason says he needs to stop thinking about what he wants and try to protect Abby. 

Jason tells Michael that Anthony is out and likely set up Abby, because it’s a personal thing against Sonny.  Michael wants to go over there, but Jason tells him to stay out of it, and not give Anthony an opportunity to pull anything.  Jason says he’ll fix this and reminds Michael that something like this will always happen unless he gets out of the business.  Michael swears he’s only trying to help the people he loves.  He promises to stay at Dante’s.  Jason says he’ll be at the hospital with Sam, but makes Michael swear to stay away from the Zacchara's.  Once Michael finds out why Sam is having surgery, he assures Jason that he’d make a great father.

Jax stops by to see Brenda, and assures her that Lucian will be found.  Brenda wonders if it was one of Sonny’s enemies and feels he is making her hysterical.  Brenda believes that if Sonny had gone with her to Kelly’s, Lucian wouldn’t have been taken.  Perkie feels that if Brenda hadn’t been stupid enough to tell the bodyguard to sit in the car, Lucian wouldn’t have been taken. 

Brenda wants to offer a reward for Lucian's return and freaks out when Jax suggests that’s a bad idea.  She feels Jax doesn’t want to help her, but he says it will only hinder the investigation.  Jax assures her that he just wants happiness for her, and they all thought Lucian would be safe.  Sonny returns home and Brenda mentions the reward. He agrees with Jax that it would bring out the crazies and slow things down.  Sonny says it wasn’t because of the business, and Brenda doesn’t want to believe that. Jax tells her not make any assumptions, because they could miss a clue.

Suzanne and Lucian are at the airport.  She tells him she understands his confusion, but this was necessary for her to be reunited with her real grandson. 

Lisa continues to listen as Scrubs discuss their happiness, now that they’re back together.