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One Life to Live Recap: You May Be The One

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Todd:  It was your brother... Tomas.

Tea is euphoric over Todd’s recovery, and they share an emotional reunion.  She figures she needs to call various family members, but Todd wants answers first.  She fills him in on everything post-shooting, later telling him about the shooting itself while gauging his recollection.

Dani tells Nate that Todd had been harassed for months prior to the shooting, and she doesn’t think Tomas could be responsible.  Todd will demand payback, however, against the guilty party.  Tea runs into the hall, alerting them and Shaun to Todd’s resurrection, and Dani’s elated.

Blair and Tomas kiss, which quickly turns into a hot-and-heavy makeout session.  They slow down enough to move to the dance floor, until Tomas sensually pins Blair against the piano.  When he lifts her onto it, her phone interrupts them.  Todd’s awake, so Blair cuts short her date.  She apologizes, but now that they’ve progressed, Tomas is happy to have something to look forward to.  Blair is delighted when Tomas insists on driving her to the hospital.

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Starr and James are irritated that Deanna’s staying in Llanview, seemingly indefinitely.  She has no concrete plan, but James is her draw.  They were friends before they were lovers, and having no one left in Dayton, James is the closest person she has to family.  Before Starr or James can object, they receive word that Todd’s awake.  Starr’s overjoyed, and James offers to drive her to the hospital.  Alone, Deanna sniffs James shirt and flashes back to happier times.

Todd shares tender reunions with Dani, Starr and Blair. All three women simultaneously celebrate the love they share for Todd while admonishing him for inspiring anger.  After getting a promising prognosis from the doctor, Tea encourages Todd to rest, but he wants to remember everything. He asks Tea to help him walk through the shooting. 

Dani and Nate reconnect and Nate apologizes for blaming Tomas, but Dani shrugs it off, insisting Todd can now provide clarity.  While Starr is visiting Todd, James indicates that Todd wasn’t the only person to interfere in their night.  Blair and Starr emerge from the room, promising that Todd is weak but back, but Dani fears the shooter will still try to finish the job. 

As Blair and the girls go speak to a doctor, Tomas steps away from the suspicious eyes of Shaun and Nate to call his contact.  Todd realizes he spotted the gunman in the third-story window just before he was hit, and Tea is shocked when he names Tomas, who is peering through the glass, as his assailant.

Natalie plays Shane’s tape, immediately realizing it was mislabeled, but Marty’s voice intrigues her and she proceeds.  She’s concerned when Marty alludes to John and Natalie’s relationship, but before she gets to Marty’s confession about Liam’s paternity, Rex and Gigi barrel in and stop her.  They’ve changed their minds regarding invading Shane’s privacy, but Natalie reveals it’s Marty’s tape and she looks as though she hit the jackpot. 

Marty seduces a surprised John.  He pretends it’s too soon for them to get involved, so Marty fears John’s uninterested, but he promises they have the option of a second chance.  He asks about her claims of facilitating his and Natalie’s breakup, but Marty clarifies that she only contributed.  John thinks she's holding back, but Marty redirects, accusing John of not being over Natalie.  John denies her allegation, and he suggests they focus on dinner.  After the meal, Marty jokes about her “evil plot to make [him] happy,” but then she sincerely promises that’s all she wants.  She nearly slips by mentioning the baby (only) he lost, but she quickly covers.  John gives her a tentative yet warm hug before leaving.

Natalie wants to hit play and get answers, but Rex insists they must return the tape.  Natalie agrees, much too easily to be believed, and sure enough she tries to swipe the tape.  Rex catches her and appeals to her conscience.  He promises John isn’t worth it, having treated her and Gigi shabbily and using Kelly, and Natalie finally hands over the recording, believing nothing will change her dynamic with John.