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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What's Up With Brooke?


Forresters/Logans/Marone: The families are ecstatic to learn Thomas and Brooke have been found and coming home.

Ridge: The chiseled one announces the Taboo women's line at a press conference.

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Brooke: The vixen from the Valley has a tough time letting her family and friends know what took place while she was missing. At the press conference, Brooke acts very bizarre as the media and the Forresters' watch on.

Bill/Katie: Dollar Bill thinks his marriage is over, while his wife is sure they can work things out.

Amber/Liam/Hope/Oliver: The lovebirds decide to give their relationship another try. Liam fills in Amber on his plans. Meanwhile, Oliver attempts to put the breaks on Liam and Hope's reconciliation. Later, Liam is taken aback when he gets a text message from Hope. Tawny is not about to allow Liam and Hope to reunite, so she and Carl plot to keep them apart with Amber being kept in the dark.