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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Abby's Latest Stunt Leads to Tragedy!


Abby: The Naked Heiress goes too far when she tries to stop Ashley from tying the knot with Tucker.

Kevin/Chloe: The pair are blamed for an unthinkable crime.

Adam/Nick: The brothers go to war over Sharon's inheritance.

Sharon: The slonkey decides to get her life back by clearing her name and being with family.

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Cane/Lily/Daniel: The widow Ashby gets a delivery of flowers sent to her with a message on the card: "Head to the cemetery". Lily goes to Cane's graveside and starts to talk to her "departed" husband. Cane appears and still keeps mum on how Lily is still able to see and feel him. Later, Daniel visits with Lily to fill her in on whats going down with Lucy and to see how she's doing. Devon spots them and wonders if the former spouses are back together. What none of them know is that Cane is working with someone to bring down his father. Could it be his mother? Also, how will Lily react when she learns how Cane had to deceive her in order to remove the threat of Colin? It won't be pretty. trust.

Jack/Diane: Old Smilin' Jack gets the upper hand on The Black Knight time two! Abby sells Jack her Newman stock in order to stick it to Tucker. Diane has a nice romantic evening planned for she and Victor when Jack shows up.

He fills Victor in on being the newest Newman stockholder and Mr. Mumbles is NOT thrilled. Diane tries to be there for Victor, but he shuts her down! A rejected Diane heads over to Jack's and tells him he can get back at Victor another way.... Through her! She sheds her coat to reveal little to the imagination and the two end up hitting the sack.

In the Coming Weeks:

Billy/Victoria: When a former friend rips their family apart, can their marriage survive? Will Billy go back to being the drunk, irresponsible loser he once was?

Genevieve vs. Jill: Look for Colin's angry ex and his current Mrs. to go head to head quickly after Genevieve makes her presence known in Genoa City. Also, since she won't be in the mood for any lovin' from Colin, which man will turn Genny's head? We hear he's a bit obsessed about a certain perfume company...