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One Life to Live Recap: Turning Tables

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Joey:  This is how you chose to play it. … And the only reason you have a son is because you took advantage of Jessica when she did not know what she was doing.

At the hospital, Cutter tries to blackmail Dorian, but she has no use for amateurs.  Aubrey and Joey arrive, divulging the appearances of Viki’s alters and the outcome of the case.  Dorian is concerned for Viki, but she gets wicked enjoyment from seeing Cutter learn that Ryder’s custody was decided by a recently maternal Aubrey.  As Joey and Dorian sit by Clint’s bedside, Cutter accuses Aubrey of falling for Joey and wonders if he needs a new plan.  Aubrey still banks on Tess, but Cutter thinks their situation is a mess.  He’s no longer certain Aubrey will be able to walk away from her ever-growing attachments to various Buchanans.

After Joey and Aubrey leave to pick up Ryder, Dorian mercilessly needles “Uncle Cutter” about his growing lack of control over Aubrey and her apparent feelings for Joey.  Once Cutter skulks away, Dorian calls Kelly.  She advises Kelly to out the grifters, but when Kelly declines, Dorian encourages her to move on while promising to support her regardless.

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Inez reassures Ford, who is broken up over losing custody of Ryder.  He blames Tess, and he’s livid when she shows up to admit she feels badly because he looked more pathetic than normal in court.  He has the nerve to accuse her of being selfish, and demands to know the dirt on Aubrey and Cutter, but Tess remains coy.  Joey and Aubrey arrive to pick up Ryder, and Ford panics.  Joey insists it’s time, and Ford is forced to say goodbye.  Though he was keeping Ryder from the Buchanan's, Ford cannot believe Ryder is now being taken from him.  Despite refusing to deal when it benefited everyone involved rather than just his own desires, Ford now tries to throw himself on Joey’s mercy, begging for help and vowing to commit Tess in return for Ryder.

Joey loathes Ford based on Ryder’s conception, but he’s willing to compromise if Ford calls St. Ann’s immediately. In the meantime, he and Aubrey, who’s worried about the extent of a healthy Jessica’s memory, take Ryder home.  Ford and Tess get into a huge fight with Ford ripping into her, blaming her for their loss in court while berating himself for trusting the unpredictable alter.  Because Tess didn't hold up her end of the bargain, Ford picks up the phone to call St. Ann’s, but before he can connect, Tess smashes him over the head with a heavy object.  Later, a frantic Inez discovers her unconscious son.

At the motel, Cutter’s mind reels, piecing together all of the instances of Aubrey’s shift in commitment until he launches his beer bottle at the wall.  There’s a knock, and hoping it’s Aubrey, Cutter throws open the door.  It’s Tess, panicked over possibly killing Ford.

Todd accuses Tomas of shooting him, and he wonders why John has yet to solve the case.  Tea defends her brother, and Todd complains about her not taking his side seeing as she has no true grasp on Tomas’ capabilities.  When Tea steps into the hall, Todd pulls out Starr’s phone, which he hijacked, to call John.

John surprises Kelly in the cafe, and they discuss his strange dinner with Marty and her melancholy reaction to the custody results, though she knows Joey will be a good father.  Kelly and John share a close moment until they’re interrupted by a phone call from Todd beckoning John to the hospital in an official capacity.  Kelly is happy about Todd’s recovery, but she wants to follow John to get a press scoop.  John asks for some space as “a personal favor,” and Kelly obliges.

Blair is excited about Todd’s recovery, but her joy is hampered by Shaun, who reveals his suspicions about Tomas and the syringe.  Tomas maintains his innocence, but Tea counters with Todd naming Tomas as the shooter.  Todd stumbles out of his room, certain of Tomas’ guilt, and he and a gun-wielding Shaun refuse to let Tomas leave until John shows up.  After he does, he questions Tomas as Todd and Tomas bicker.  Everyone respects Todd’s beliefs, but they need solid evidence before Tomas can be arrested.  John receives a call from the lab; Tomas’ prints were found on the syringe.  Blair’s face falls as Tomas is arrested.