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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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On today’s episode, we get a reprieve from both the Michael and Brenda dramas. Interesting stories with non-mob characters and a shirtless Scott Reeves, make for one very happy Perkie.  Oh, the pretty!

Dante finds Lulu at Kelly’s, working, but essentially waiting to see if Luke is staying there.  She knows she shouldn’t have contact with her father, but feels that they betrayed him.  She wants him to get help, but at the same time, wants his forgiveness for her part in the intervention.  Dante understands she loves her father, but feels the ball is now in Luke’s court and Lulu needs to focus on something else.  He offers to take her to a baseball game.

Tracy catches Luke trying to break into the Star and she explains that she got the locks changed and he has no access until he goes to rehab.  Luke’s upset by this, explaining that Lucky is trying to fix him and that this is who he is.  Tracy points out he’s the same addict that Lucky is and that all he’s doing is trashing her life too.  Luke says he’s committed to her and their marriage, but she tells him to prove it, which he refuses to do.

Liz is back at work on administrative duty only, as per Steven.  The two make small talk until she spots a child by the elevator that reminds her of Jake.  Steve tells her if things get to be too difficult for her, she should stop and ask for help.  Liz says she needs to do this and tells Steve to go and do something fun. 

Lucky and Nikolas are discussing Luke.  Lucky feels there’s nothing more he can do and is now working on keeping Siobhan in the country.  Nikolas offers to try to pull some strings, because he feels a green card marriage is a mistake.  When Siobhan arrives, Nik tells her his plan and she’s grateful for his generosity. 

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Spinelli catches Diane going through his office.  She says the book is selling well and that the publisher wants a sequel. Diane wonders about his secret files, but he’s not interested in giving them to her.

Steve lets himself into Olivia’s apartment, who doesn’t hear him because she’s painting a chair and dancing to loud music.  In her shock to find him there, she accidentally gets him with the paintbrush, so he takes off his shirt.  She offers him one of Dante’s while his is being cleaned, but instead of dressing, they undress and make love.  Afterwards, she wonders why it took them so long to hook up and he says he knew she was dealing with a broken heart and didn’t want to be the rebound guy.

Nikolas stops by the hospital and Liz thinks Steve told him to check up on her, but he’s actually bailing out on a board meeting, so that he can make the calls to help Siobhan.  He wonders what more he can do for Liz, but she feels she needs to keep moving forward and deal with things as best she can. 

Siobhan takes Lucky to some cabin, claiming she’s renting it, so that they can be alone together.  After they’ve spent time together, they head back to his place, where Nikolas shows up. He breaks the news to them that his connections didn’t come through and he couldn’t get her a visa.  Siobhan is ready to pack up and go home, but Lucky offers to marry her. 

Luke runs into Lulu and Dante at Kelly’s and starts talking to Lulu like nothing has happened.  He explains that Tracy locked him out of the Star, but that Ethan should be able to help him on that front.  Lulu ignores him and goes to leave, which makes Luke angry.  Lulu tells him she loves him, but won't talk or see him until he gets treatment and heads out with Dante.

Diane stops by to talk to Dante.  He tells her that Lucian’s case is now with the FBI, but she wants to talk about Spinelli’s secret files and how she can get her hands on them. 

Luke meets with Alexis and asks for her expertise.  He says he wants to sue Tracy for part ownership of the Star and palimony. He also wants custody of Lulu and Ethan.  He explains the intervention and how Lucky needs to blame his drinking for the accident. Alexis asks if he was drunk the night of the accident, but he denies it and says he won't do a 12-step program.  When Tracy shows up, he tells her he’s going to sue her.

Lulu heads over to the hospital to find Nikolas, but gets Liz instead.  They make small talk and Liz asks about the intervention.  Lulu’s afraid to say too much, considering what Luke did to Jake, but Liz says she understands Luke, and that they’ve all made mistakes.  Lulu assures her that she’s a good mother.  Liz mentions how she misses Jake’s smile and hugs. She goes to say she’s just trying to put one foot in front of the other.  Then, Liz sees “Jake” by the elevator again.