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John Stamos on General Hospital: "It Wasn't Just a Springboard"

As callous execs continue to dig up the soap opera's place amongst the pop culture landscape, stars who cut their acting teeth in the industry are speaking out on soaps being under siege. The Deadbolt, recently interviewed John Stamos, and while the actor had a lot to say about his buzz generating turn on Law & Order: SVU last night, it was General Hospital, where he played troubled rocker Blackie Parrish, that he spoke most fondly of. 


THE DEADBOLT: Since you started on daytime, I wanted to get your take about the recent losses of soaps (All My Children and One Life to Live) and what that medium gave you as a young actor?

STAMOS: Well, if it wasn’t for General Hospital, I wouldn’t be talking to you on this phone right now. I give a lot of credit to that show. You know, it really prepared me. Not even knowing as much, not even forecasting the way television has turned into - I mean, basically nighttime television works about the same. Not as fast but we have to work, as Neal knows, with the budgets and we have to shoot so much in one day.

I remember doing General Hospital, it was ninety pages a day, which I had thirty of those sometimes. So I learned a tremendous amount. It wasn’t just a springboard but it was a base. It was Acting 101. I mean, you really had to come and bring a lot of different emotions and a lot fast, which really prepared me for television.

I think it’s really sad obviously. For everything that it did for me, the training, the launch that it gave me, it’s sad to think that there’s not some other guy out there like me that’s going to get a shot on a soap opera. I just saw Demi Moore the other night and we talked about General Hospital for forty-five minutes and just raved how much we loved it and the good memories we had from it.

I wonder what medium will train the next generation of Hollywood?

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