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One Life to Live Recap: A New Arrangement

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Destiny:  Blanca Morales thinks you killed Eddie Ford!

Destiny runs into reporter Blanca Morales at the cafe, who tries to butter up the teen.  Blanca suspects Nora killed Eddie, but Destiny shoots down that theory.  Blanca supposes Bo and Nora are protecting someone, and Destiny blabs that Matthew was led to believe his parents were cheating, Nora with Eddie.  As Destiny airs misinformed dirty laundry, Blanca turns her suspicions on Matthew, and Destiny yells at her when she insists on running with the story.  A tearful Destiny races to see Matthew, fearing she caused him a world of trouble.

Nora and Matthew learn about Clint’s heart attack from Access Llanview, but they don’t believe the report until Bo surprises them with a confirmation.  Given Clint’s terrible deeds against their family, Bo didn’t think the news was worth reporting, but Matthew fears Clint could die.  Bo reminds him Clint made Matthew’s life worse and Bo refuses to forgive, advising Matthew to do the same.  Matthew maintains his soft spot for his uncle, and he wants the chance to say goodbye if necessary.  Bo and Nora won’t allow Matthew to go to the hospital because Bo no longer trusts Clint with Matthew, but Matthew blasts Bo for refusing to make peace. 

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Clint is no longer his brother after nearly getting Nora raped, but Nora knows Bo, and she knows that despite his claims, he cares.  Bo’s loyalties are divided, but Nora reminds him that Clint sat at Bo’s bedside last year after Bo was shot and she advises him to do the same.  They arrive hand-on-hand at the hospital, but Bo’s reticent.  Nora supports him, insisting they’ll make sure Matthew’s fine, but in the meantime, he needs to visit Clint.

After a loving phone conversation with Charlie, Echo’s fearful that their relationship is on borrowed time.  As Clint appears to receive serious news, Echo enters, and Clint quickly dismisses his physician.  Echo reveals Niki Smith was in possession of the recording, and she blasts Clint for serving her up on a platter.  Clint kept quiet to show kindness for Charlie, but Dorian wrangled the information from him when he was most vulnerable.  Viki is in the dark when Niki’s in control, so Viki likely has no knowledge of the recording, and Echo feels she’s earned a lucky break.  Clint wishes her well just to get her out of his room. 

Later, Clint awakens to Bo standing at the end of his bed.  Both men are surprised by Bo’s visit, but when Bo asks about Clint’s prognosis, he’s floored when Clint informs him he’s dying.

After a lively visit with Todd, Viki runs into Dorian.  Dorian realizes Viki remembers nothing following her split, and when Dorian fills her in, Viki blasts her for knowing of Echo and Charlie’s affair for weeks.  Dorian should’ve told her, but Dorian explains that she kept quiet to protect Viki, not wanting to pile on while also delivering an ultimatum to Charlie which he ignored.  Viki is ultimately understanding. 

Dorian reveals that the “sleazy bitch” knew all along, and she’s certain Viki has the recorder.  She dumps Viki’s purse, exposing the holy grail.  Dorian presses play, encouraging Viki to take it to Charlie to remind Echo of the caliber of woman with whom she’s dealing.  As Viki steps into the elevator, Dorian smirks as Echo races up.  Viki flashes the recorder as the doors close in Echo’s face, and Dorian’s eager to inform Echo of Viki’s plans.

As Ford comes to, he’s irritated Inez called the police.  An amused Brody arrives, already knowing Ford succumbed to the fate about which he was repeatedly warned.  Ford plays the victim, but Brody knows Ford has played the situation for everything it’s worth.  He insists Jessica’s been held captive in her own body, and in the recesses of her mind, she’s grieving for time lost with her children.  Ford worries for Tess’ safety, and Brody determines Ford has fallen for her.  When Brody asks if Ford’s serious about committing Jessica, Ford hesitates.  Brody figures Tess may be with Cutter, and Ford demands to tag along because Tess is his wife.

Tess fears she killed Ford, and she needs Cutter’s help.  She takes issue with being treated like a bargaining chip by Ford and Joey, but she’s worried about Ford.  Cutter stops her from calling, and they get frisky.  Cutter pulls back before they have sex, realizing that if Ford dies, Tess can be committed; he has an idea.  Later, Brody and Ford arrive and break down Cutter’s door.

Todd and Starr reconnect, and feeling generous, he asks about James.  She tells him about Deanna, and when her misgivings become apparent, Todd offers help.  Legally, Tea can assist in finding her mother, or illegally, Todd can provide “escorts” to help Deanna out of town.  Starr is touched, but she declines.  After she leaves, Todd returns a call which he ignored in Starr’s presence; he seems to be speaking to the same mystery caller as before.