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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam’s ready to leave for the hospital, but admits to being nervous. She assures Jason that doing the procedure doesn’t necessarily mean she wants a baby, she just wants the possibility.  Molly shows up, congratulating them for finally having a baby, but Sam reminds her it’s just a procedure. Molly vows they’ll make great parents. 

Molly apologizes for making them uncomfortable and Jason reminds her that Sam needs to get through the surgery first. Sam admits Molly is putting a bit of pressure on her.  Molly apologizes again, gives Sam her lucky bear and leaves. 

Liz sees Jake by the elevator and admits it to Lulu, saying it’s not the first time she’s seen him and wonders if she’s losing her mind.  Lulu understands that she’s dealing with grief and that Liz’s heart isn’t ready to let go yet.  Liz thanks her, and Lulu says she’s always considered them family. 

Siobhan feels marriage for them is jinxed, but Lucky feels alcohol was what killed Jake and not their attempted wedding.  Siobhan says he’s still in grief mode and not being objective.  Lucky appeals to Nikolas, but he agrees with Siobhan, that Lucky shouldn’t marry anyone.  Lucky insists, which angers Siobhan, but he doesn’t want her to leave.  Nikolas says they should travel the world, on his dime, but Lucky feels he would just be running away like his father does. 

Lucky asks if Siobhan wants to go back to Ireland, and she admits that she doesn’t. She confesses that she has feelings for him, but feels selfish to ask this of him.  Lucky tells her they’ll figure everything out as they go along, so she agrees to the wedding. 

Tracy thinks Luke is joking, but he wants the Star back, as well as his relationship with her.  Tracy appeals to Alexis, saying she owns the Star.  Luke explains to Alexis that he was forced to attend the intervention against his will.  Tracy tells Alexis she should stay out of it and let Luke suffer the consequences. 

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Luke feels the family needs a villain to blame for Jake’s death, but no one will change him.  Tracy tells Luke she loves him and is trying to help.  Tracy says if he’s planning on going ahead with a lawsuit, he should be aware of the can of worms he’ll be opening, trotting all his family into court.  Luke hopes that will make everyone stop trying to turn him into a recovering addict. 

Luke doesn’t care if he alienates everyone.  He’s angry that his home, business and relationship have been taken away from him. He swears he will sue and win and make Tracy sorry she darkened his door.  Tracy says he’s not strong enough to pull it off and that she won’t stop loving him, but he’s a shell of his former self and needs to get help. 

Lulu finds Ethan preparing the Star to re-open and he finds it odd not seeing Luke there. He wonders if they did the right thing.  Lulu feels they did, and explains running into drunken Luke at Kelly’s.  Ethan says he only went along with the intervention for Lucky and Tracy, but needs to reach out to his father.  Lulu feels that love and sympathy won’t help Luke, but Ethan disagrees.  Alexis shows up, wanting to discuss the lawsuit.  She wonders if they think Luke is an alcoholic and Lulu admits that she does. 

Kelly runs into Liz, who thanks her for attending the memorial and all she’s done for Liz.  Kelly asks about her schedule and Liz is surprised to see Sam on the surgical list. 

Sam settles into her hospital room and Jason heads out to get her some ice chips and runs into Liz.  She admits to him that things are more difficult than expected and hopes that Sam is taking care of him.  Liz says she’s always thinking back to right before it happened, but he tells her not blame herself.  Liz is happy that Jason and Sam are going to try for a baby and is sorry she took away that chance for him and Jake. She wonders if he would have preferred never knowing Jake at all or knowing from the beginning.  Jason quickly says from the beginning, but tells Liz not to second-guess her decision.  Liz wishes them luck.

When Jason gets back to the room, he tells her about Liz and how he doesn’t know how she copes, living in that house without Jake.  Sam says he can leave if he needs to, but he’s going to take care of her. He promises her that no matter what happens with the surgery, it will not change his feelings for her. 

Siobhan and Lucky head to the courthouse.  Nikolas joins them to stand up for them.  Liz decides that Lucky needs to know the truth about Aiden, and when she finds out he’s getting married, she heads out with the DNA letter.

Luke shows up at the Star and Ethan is surprised but happy to see him.  Luke says he doesn’t hold Ethan responsible for the intervention, because he knows Ethan was doing it for Lucky and that everyone got what they wanted.  With that said, Luke offers Ethan a drink.