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One Life to Live Recap: Everybody's Fool

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Charlie:  Echo, you are the biggest mistake I ever made!

Dorian delights in alerting Echo to Viki’s intentions with the recording.  Echo toots her own horn, believing Dorian’s cat-fighting prowess to be sub-par, and warns Dorian that she will be decked if she stops Echo.  Dorian happily sends Echo on her way. 

At the motel, Viki visits Charlie, armed with the recording, and she first updates him on the outcome of the custody case.  She informs him of Niki’s run-in with Echo, and when Charlie believes in Echo’s purity, Viki insists Echo knew she was dealing with Niki.  She doesn’t want to hurt Charlie, but she and others repeatedly warned him, and yet he blindly chose to trust Echo.  She hands him the recorder, and he hits play as she’s about to exit.

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Echo enters and blasts Viki, but Viki holds her head high and leaves.  Charlie silently fumes as Echo scrambles to justify her actions, but he finally explodes.  She set him up and used him, and he trusted her over anyone and everyone else.  He blasts her for destroying and using Rex and Shane, indicating she holds culpability in getting Shane onto the school roof, and Echo crumbles.  She panics when Charlie worries about his sobriety, but after he realizes her ruse included a manufactured drinking problem, he walks out.  Echo vows revenge on Viki and Dorian.

Viki returns to the hospital, telling Dorian she took no pleasure in hurting Charlie.  When she admits she enjoyed the look on Echo’s face, Dorian reminds her she’s human.  Dorian points out that Charlie will want to reconcile and she wonders if Viki will do so, but Viki hasn’t even considered the various avenues because though she loves Charlie, she feels they can’t be fixed.  Echo, however, is now of great concern as Viki is certain they are faced with a dangerous enemy.  Dorian is ready, and a dream team is born.

Bo doesn’t believe Clint’s dying, but Clint insists it’s end stage heart failure.  He assumes Bo wants to gloat, and he and Nora will celebrate knowing Matthew’s fate is secure. However, Bo isn’t so callous, though he’s exceptionally angry Clint caused such suffering for Nora and Matthew.  Clint is wracked with coughs, and Bo eases up, supplying his brother with water.  Clint admits no guilt and sneers that Bo only sees the world in black and white, and he wonders why Bo visited at all. 

Bo’s there solely because of Nora’s encouragement, but he doesn’t see how he can ever forgive Clint.  Clint asks for no such thing, and he thinks he and Bo simply can no longer depend on each other.  Before Bo leaves, Clint asks for a favor: don’t tell the family about Clint’s condition.  Impressed by Clint’s first unselfish motives in a long time, Bo agrees, though he refuses to keep secrets from Nora.  Clint understands, and as Bo walks out, Clint congratulates him on his “win.”  Bo shakes his head, but in the hall, he’s clearly shaken by the encounter.

Destiny tearfully tells Matthew of Blanca’s assumptions about his guilt.  When she wonders if they can sue for slander, Matthew reveals it’s not libel if it’s true.  Destiny thinks Matthew is protecting his mom just as Nate did, but Matthew admits guilt.  He’s tormented by his actions and how they’ve shaped him. He hates what this has done to his parents, but when he deems himself a coward, Destiny reminds him he’s just a scared kid.  She’s his friend and will support him always.  They kiss until Destiny thinks she should leave.  Matthew asks her not to and holds out his hand, and when she accepts it, they head into his bedroom.

Brody and Ford find Cutter’s room empty.  Cutter and Tess show up, and Tess surprises Ford with an annulment thanks to a lawyer Cutter knows.  With the fraudulent marriage no more, Brody is happy to remind Tess she can now be committed by Jessica’s parents, but Tess has taken provisions: she and Cutter got married.  Cutter taunts the two men, and Brody wants to hit him but can’t, so Ford decks Cutter instead.  They vow to save Jess/Tess, but later, Brody reminds Ford he’s only smitten with a fragment while Brody loves the real woman.  Inside, Cutter and Tess celebrate, while Tess wonders how Cutter is going to drop the bomb on Aubrey.

Starr interrupts James and Deanna’s fun-filled television watching. Due to Deanna deciding to move back in with James until she makes twenty-thousand-plus dollars, Starr relays Todd’s offer to donate Tea’s time and expertise, but Deanna and James shoot her down.  As Deanna take a call, Starr blasts James for not having her back.  Deanna’s roots in Llanview strengthen as she heads out on a job interview, and once alone, Starr laments her very new relationship with James being threatened by Deanna.  Not quite grasping her long-ranging concerns, James smiles because they have immediate alone time and they should use it well.