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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz drops the motorcycle gift back to Lucky.  She spots Siobhan in her wedding night outfit, apologizes and leaves.  Lucky apologizes to Siobhan, but understands that he and Liz need to find comfort with each other and they’ll figure out their relationship as they go.  The two talk about Jake, and Lucky remembers him being fearless.  Siobhan says Jake knew he was loved. 

Sam wants to know how the surgery went, but all Jason will tell her is that it’s too soon to tell and there were no complications. 

Dante has a witness who saw Suzanne and a child at the airport.  Sonny calls Carlos Escobar to help find her, something Dante isn’t happy with.  He tells Dante to think about his family and feels that Suzanne will come back if she has something to gain.  Dante tells him to get Spinelli’s help with video footage, but Sonny wants Dante’s legal help and wonders if Suzanne has another plan in the works. 

Abby meets with Michael to tell him that she’s going to go ahead with Diane’s battered woman defense, but Michael doesn’t want her to confess to a murder she didn’t commit.  Abby feels it’s her only choice, since all the evidence points to her and can’t prove she was framed.  Abby feels she can get the sentence dropped to manslaughter, but Michael reminds her that going to court doesn’t always turn out in your favor. He warns her that she’ll be risking her freedom on a lie, and the DA will use the truth against her. He wonders her real reason for taking the plea.  Michael doesn’t want her to lie to protect him, but she says it’s not his decision to make. 

Brenda thanks Jax for meeting with her and listening to her worries.  Jax says Sonny cares too.  Carly stops by to talk about Josslyn, but Brenda tells her that Lucian takes precedence, so Carly leaves.  Brenda apologizes to Jax and wonders why he thinks Suzanne is responsible.  Jax explains it to her and Brenda finally understands. She declares that Suzanne won’t get away with taking her son. 

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Carly runs into Jason at the hospital and asks about Sam.  Carly excited for him because he and Sam will make wonderful parents.  Jason doesn’t want to think about that and wants to be distracted because it’s Jake’s birthday.  Carly explains about Jax wanting to fight for custody and Jason tells her never to give up Josslyn. 

Johnny’s not happy with Anthony sticking his nose in the business and says he’ll ask for his father’s input when he wants it.  Anthony feels that Jason and Sonny are vulnerable, but Johnny says he has a truce in place and doesn’t want to rock the boat.  Anthony says there’s no such thing as a truce and needs to give him the tools to win. 

Lucky meets up with Jason at the hospital and tells him again that he regrets what Luke has done, but he understands that life goes on.  Lucky wonders if it’s disrespectful that he got a green card marriage on Jake’s birthday, but Jason tells him they need to find a way to keep going and to be good to each other.  Lucky admits he’s not there yet. 

Abby goes to Johnny and asks if he set her up.  He says he didn’t, but offers to find out who did. 

Anthony runs into Michael on the pier and wants to chit chat about prison.  Michael doesn’t want to talk, but Anthony thanks him for killing Claudia and wonders if there’s anything he can do for Michael.  He says he can pull some strings, because he knows people.  Carly shows up and warns Anthony away, but he’s just happy to see her. 

Jax sets up a news conference for Brenda, who is now convinced that Suzanne took Lucian. She decides to  appeal to Suzanne as a mother and will offer 5 million dollars to anyone who has information. 

Dante turns on the television in time to catch Brenda’s press conference.  She shows pictures of Lucian and Suzanne and offers the reward.  Sonny’s upset because he figures Suzanne will never come back now.  Dante agrees that Suzanne has resources and they’ll never see her again. 

Siobhan goes to see Liz and apologizes that she and Lucky got married so quickly, but Liz admits she knows. She confesses to being present during the ceremony, but couldn’t stop them because Siobhan matters to Lucky.  When Liz leaves the room, Siobhan sees the DNA letter and reads it.