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One Life to Live Recap: Love Gets Dangerous

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Cutter:  Haven’t you figured it out by now, Joey?  I’m after the Buchanan fortune.

Tess wakes from a disturbing dream wherein she, Ford, and Ryder were playing happy family.  She tries to seduce Cutter, but he resists.  They realize they’re now stuck in an undesirable position, with no money and being the objects of everyone’s ire. Tess and Cutter needle each other over their respective feelings for Ford and Aubrey, which leads Cutter to exact Plan B. 

Starr and James are happy to be alone, but they’re interrupted by Ford complaining about Tess.  James determines Ford has feelings for her, but he claims he’s upset that he lost his leverage.  He misses Ryder, so he decides to appeal to Joey for a visit.

Joey and Aubrey grow closer, as they fumble to parent Ryder properly.  They’re happy in this new capacity, but Joey is taken aback by Aubrey's emotional and passionate response to family.  Likely peppering her story with some truth, she admits to enduring an exceptionally lonely childhood, and Joey promises she’ll never be alone again.  Joey is annoyed when Ford arrives, but his interest grows as Ford explains that Tess annulled their marriage and tied the knot with Cutter.

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Ford apologizes to Joey for “not doing right” by his sister, and he asks to see Ryder.  Joey allows him a moment, and Aubrey and Joey are touched by Ford’s (selfish) devotion to Ryder.  On his way out, Ford expresses his gratitude with a handshake, and later, Joey admits to believing in Ford as a parent.  Cutter shows up, and Joey attacks him, but Cutter shakes him off and reveals his purpose for marrying Tess: the Buchanan fortune.

Starr fills in a caring James on her history with Jessica’s alters.  They again decide to capitalize on their alone time, but when Starr decides the time is right to move things into James’ bedroom, a mopey Ford returns, whining about missing Ryder more than ever.

As Marty enjoys a delusional phone call with Cole, in which she regales him with fables of her reunion with John, John finds Kelly in his office.  They get frisky until John stalls her attempts to push things.  She’s feeling low about Joey, and he understands, often warring with similar emotions about Natalie, but John admits that things are getting real with Kelly.  Marty eavesdrops, as they make dinner plans for later that night where Kelly hopes they can shut out the outside world, not bothered by things such as “that bitch,” Marty. 

Marty vows to make Kelly regret her words before dropping in on John to deliver proof of her therapy session.  She asks him out, but he gently admits he already has plans.  Later, as John sadly recalls the moment Natalie returned her engagement ring to him, Kelly arrives at John’s only to discover Marty lying in wait.

Natalie sits down in Llanfair’s sunroom and prepares to play Marty’s session tape, but Brody interrupts her.  He laments Tess’ latest antics, and he’s royally annoyed by Cutter’s smugness.  Jessica was supposed to be Brody’s wife, and Natalie sympathizes with his pain.  They draw closer and closer together until they find themselves engaged in a passionate kiss.  Liam’s cries sound over the monitor and Brody and Natalie scramble to regain composure. 

As they tend to Liam, who’s sporting a new stuffed seal toy from Brody, Brody apologizes, but Natalie’s understanding.  She advises Brody not to give up the fight, encouraging him to break the rules if necessary to bring Jessica back.  Brody is grateful for Liam and Natalie, as they’ve been his lifelines these last few months, but he takes Natalie’s advice, and they both agree the kiss is already forgotten.  After Brody leaves, Natalie returns to the tape, and she’s stunned to hear Marty admit Liam is John’s son.

Tess sits alone thinking about Ford, and when there’s a knock at the door, she throws it open, hoping it’s her ex-husband.  She’s irritated to see Brody, who’s there to arrest her.