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Could Oprah Land an Interview With Maria Shriver?

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Hot on the heels of newsMaria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger are separating, speculation is already swirling that Oprah may try to land an interview with the former First Lady of California.  E! Online wonders if Shriver might appear on one of the final The Oprah Winfrey Show episodes or in an interview on OWN.

If Winfrey plays her cards right, she could end her 25-year talk show reign with what is now the biggest get in the news business—an interview with Maria Shriver.

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But does Winfrey even need a ratings boost for these last couple of weeks of her talk show? Not at all.

OWN, however, could use the help. The four-month-old network has been struggling in the ratings department. If Winfrey is able to snag Shriver for a sit-down (and we believe if anyone can, it's Ms. Winfrey), there's only one place for them to do it—in front of the OWN cameras.

Meanwhile, in an interview the Chicago Tribune, Oprah reveals she wants to appear on Broadway.

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