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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lisa listens in on Patrick and Robin putting together an easel for Emma, while discussing their marriage counseling sessions.  Robin hopes he doesn’t resent her, but he’s just happy they’re moving on from the Lisa fiasco. 

Kristina shows up in Lisa’s office, wondering about the herbal supplements, saying she looked them up online and they don’t look like what Lisa gave her. However, she wants more.  Lisa tells her the ones she gave her are the highest quality herbal extract and she can give her the list of ingredients to find in a health food store, but Kristina decides to keep getting them from Lisa. 

Carly warns Anthony to stay away from Michael and Anthony claims that she scares him. He tells her that Michael was looking for a hitman.  Carly threatens to kill him and he tries to make small talk with her about gardening and how delightful she is. In turn, Carly threatens to call Sonny’s men and Anthony takes off.  After he’s gone, she forbids Michael from talking to any of the Zacchara's, but he reminds her that he’s an adult and she can’t forbid him.

Jason and Lucky talk about Jake and Lucky asks him not to go after Luke.  He explains about the intervention and that Luke is drowning in guilt and wants to die. Lucky cautions Jason that Luke is going to goad Jason into killing him.  Lucky asks him not to engage and just walk away.  Jason warns that he can only be pushed so far and that Luke might have seen Jake if he’d been sober.  Lucky says his father isn’t a threat to Jason, but also wonders why Jason hasn’t done anything yet.  Jason’s worried that revenge will teach Michael the wrong thing and that he’s focused on Michael right now. 

Liz apologizes to Siobhan for interrupting her wedding night and that she supports their marriage.  Siobhan doesn’t mention the letter and leaves. 

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Johnny wonders why Abby refuses to plead not guilty, and she explains that she's worried about how things will play out.  John assures her that he isn’t working with his father, but understands Michael because they grew up similarly.  He tells her he can arrange for her to disappear, cut her losses and make a fresh start.  She reminds him that she paid off her debt to him and wonders what the catch is.  Johnny points out that Carly and Sonny have already asked her to leave Michael alone and her leaving is likely in Michael’s best interest.  She says she won’t disappear on Michael. 

Carly meets with Shawn and asks him to kill Anthony.  He’s offended, saying she can’t just kill anyone that she doesn’t like.  Carly explains that Anthony is coming after Michael to get to Sonny.  Shawn tells her she’s not giving enough Michael credit, and to stay out of it. He advises her to leave Anthony to Sonny and Jason.

Matt shows up for a date with Maxie and gets annoyed at her lack of attention.  She brings up the secret she knows and wonders if should she tell. She wants to know if it’s a betrayal if she doesn’t.  Matt tells her to stay out of it.  After they eat, he offers to clean up, saying he likes to take care of her.  When he leaves the room, she straightens up his jacket and finds a ring in the pocket. 

Lucky stops by to see Liz to apologize for the rushed wedding, and explain that he didn’t realize the date until after.  The two talk about Jake, and Lucky assures her that his commitment to Cam won’t change.  Liz admits she knew he was married, because she was at the courthouse, but didn't interrupt because he sounded so happy.  She’s happy he has something to look forward to and it’s right to move on with life. She doesn’t want to interfere and wants him to be happy.  She mentions that Siobhan came by and feels that she genuinely cares about Lucky. 

Michael goes to Jason to let him know about Anthony, and Carly threatening to kill Anthony.  Jason tells him to stay away from Anthony and not to underestimate him. He reminds Michael that Carly wants him safe.  He feels Anthony is setting a trap for Michael and that he can’t trick him into anything. Michael thinks he needs the Zacchara's to prove Abby’s innocence.  Carly shows up and tells Jason to make Michael stay away from the Zacchara's.  Michael takes off and Carly tells Jason that he can’t afford to go back to prison and wonders if she has to do this on her own.  Jason warns her not to give Michael ultimatums or treat him like a child, because he’ll only push back.

Anthony runs into Abby on the docks and she admits she knows who he is.  He commiserates about her plight and tells her she should have reached out to him, because he could have helped.  She wonders why all the Zacchara's are in such a hurry to do her favors.  He tells her to listen to his advice, because prison isn’t all that.  Michael shows up and warns him away.

When Lucky gets home, Siobhan tells him there’s something about Elizabeth he needs to know. 

When Robin and Patrick finish putting the easel together, they joke around about other projects he needs to do, including new batteries in the smoke detectors.  Lisa listens while looking up gas leaks online.