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One Life to Live Recap: Crazy Train

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Kelly:  Oh, I’m sorry, I was looking for John McBain’s room.  I didn’t realize I walked into the Twilight Zone by mistake.

Marty is waiting for a surprised and wary Kelly in John’s apartment.  Marty insists she’s back together with John, but when Kelly refuses to play, Marty psychoanalyzes her and reveals she overheard Kelly belittling Marty to John.  The clearly crazy lady orders Kelly to leave, but instead of doing the smart thing, she tries to reason with Marty.  As Marty tosses Kelly’s groceries, she declares that Kelly doesn’t know John (artichokes, bad!) and she will lose.  Kelly discreetly picks up a butcher knife, but Marty sees, and she breaks a bottle in response.  As the two women square off, Marty snarks that the Cramer mental health history is proof Kelly is potentially dangerous.  Marty releases a full-on banshee scream and advances.

John drops in on Todd.  John divulges Blair’s discovery of Todd’s secret encrypted file along with Tomas having a similar CIA file (which the FBI couldn’t crack because, you know, that’s illegal), but Todd just offers generic excuses.  An unknown caller phones Todd, and John quickly answers, but he’s not surprised when the caller hangs up.  Natalie phones, but John ignores it.  Later, he listens to Natalie’s urgent message and he heads home.

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Natalie listens to the tape, alternately frustratingly stopping the recording and hilariously offering commentary to Liam.  She’s stunned that Marty did indeed break up her and John, and she’s even more astounded to realize John is Liam’s father.  She decides to take Liam to see “[his] daddy,” but when she reaches for the seal, she remembers Brody.  She feels for Brody and worries about his inevitable despair at losing out on yet another child, but she believes he will understand.  When she doesn’t reach John, Natalie and Liam head to his apartment.  Later, they discover John’s door slightly ajar, and concerned, they enter.

Brody arrives at the motel to arrest Tess for the attempted murder of Ford.  They spar, and Tess taunts him with what Jessica’s body will endure in prison, but Brody doesn’t care because as Tess likes to remind everyone, Jessica’s gone.  Should she return, she’ll be freed immediately.  Tess insists Brody forced her to emerge when he slept with Natalie, and she accuses them of continuing to get cozy.  She thinks Brody only wants a child, nevermind with whom, and blame each other for Tess remaining.  Brody is done playing games, and he appeals to Jessica, even kissing Tess to bring out Jessica. 

Cutter informs Joey he’s after the Buchanan fortune, detailing the entire con as Aubrey stands gobsmacked.  When Ryder cries, Aubrey, who’s still playing innocent, asks Joey for time to talk sense into Cutter.  Cutter wants to end things, trading Jessica for money, but Aubrey begs Cutter to back down.  He’s wounded when he realizes Aubrey has officially fallen for the mark and she chooses Joey. 

Aubrey pleads with him to have her back as Joey enters, and Cutter covers, claiming the entire con as his own while still insisting he wants cash for Jessica’s commitment.  After Joey throws out Cutter, he and Aubrey discuss the shock of Cutter’s true colors.  Aubrey is relieved when Joey promises he believes she wasn’t involved, but once alone, Joey expresses his doubt.

Brody refuses to allow lowlifes like Ford and Cutter to continue taking advantage of Jessica, and he takes action by kissing Tess again.  Cutter enters, ordering Brody away from his wife.  The men yell at each other while each clamoring for the woman they want, but they’re stopped in their tracks by a strange look from the host.  Suddenly, a new personality emerges: Wes.

Blair surprises an incarcerated Tomas with a visit.  She questions him about his involvement in Todd’s shooting, and she’s honest about her suspicions, but when Tomas can only offer her cryptic denials, she vows to distance herself from another person similar to Eli.  Tomas takes her hands and reinforces their connection.  His absolute truth is that he didn’t shoot Todd, but he can’t explain any further.  Blair is saddened by his talking in circles, and on her way out, she informs a heartbroken Tomas that she can no longer afford to have blind faith in anyone.