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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin and Patrick continue to enjoy their time together.  He admits he’s really missed her.  Later on, the reunited couple tears the house up looking Patrick's credit card statement. It turns out, Lisa has it and is using it to rent a love nest and order flowers to make it look like she and Patrick are having an affair.  She also types up a letter from Patrick that makes things appear like he wants Robin gone. 

Carly shows up at Kelly’s hoping for a distraction from Michael and finds Luke. She wonders if he’s given sobriety a chance.  Luke tells her she owes him for his losing those diamonds when they were trying to set up Jax.  He asks for his room back at the hotel, so that he can get Tracy back.  He feels Tracy likes him to be dependent on her, so if she sees that he isn’t, she’ll come back to him.  Carly tells him she’ll give him a room, when he finishes rehab.  Luke asks her if he’s any different than he was before. She claims she’s been watching him for years and he’s a good liar, but he’s off his game because of the booze.  She reiterates that the room is there for him, when he’s ready.

Siobhan doesn’t want to get caught between Lucky and Liz, but Lucky tells her that Liz knew they were married and seemed genuinely okay with it.  Siobhan asks if Lucky would have stayed with Liz if Aiden had been his. Lucky feels that too much had happened and things between him and Liz changed over the years, and there were too many pieces to put back together.  The two have their wedding night, but after, he dresses and leaves. 

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Michael warns Anthony to stay away from Abby, but he claims he’s just a harmless old man with a new lease on life.  He believes Brandon got what he deserved and doesn’t think Abby should pay for that.  Anthony says he still has connections and offers to help, but Michael isn't interested and Anthony takes off.

Kristina shows up, upset, but refuses to talk in front of Abby, who offers to leave.  Kris tells Michael that another friend, who was waitlisted, has been accepted and she’s let the deadline of her second choice pass so, if Yale doesn’t take her, she’s in trouble. 

Maxie tells Matt they’re moving too fast and he must have misunderstood her, which confuses Matt until she shows him the ring.  Matt pretends he’s going to propose by getting down on one knee while Maxie begs him not to. Then, he admits the ring isn’t for her, so she thinks he’s going to propose to someone else and slaps him.  Matt admits that the ring is Robin’s; that Patrick got it cleaned and asked him to pick it up from the jewelers.  Maxie apologizes and the two make out. 

Michael meets up with Abby and explains Kristina’s concerns.  Abby makes parallels between Kris’ obsession with Yale and Michael's obsession with the mob.  She reminds him that he has years to make the right choices and needs to make smart decisions.  Michael feels Anthony set up the murder and Abby confesses that she went to see Johnny.  She feels Johnny has an agenda, but it’s different from his father’s, and feels Johnny genuinely wants to help. 

When Anthony gets home, he’s quick to tell Johnny about all the hot blonde women that have gotten his attention, including Carly.  Johnny tells him to leave Carly alone or he’s a dead man. If Jason or Sonny find out he’s sniffing after Carly, they’ll come after both father and son and he doesn't want to mess up the peace currently happening.  Anthony tells him to forget peace, the needs to play to win and make sure all his enemies fall.

Lucky runs into Luke on the docks and Luke is happy to see him, even though Lucky admits he shouldn’t be talking to his father.  He reminds Luke that he should be going to rehab and getting help. Lucky's scared Luke will do something stupid and get himself killed.  Luke wonders if Lucky thinks he’s suicidal and Lucky lets him know that he knows about goading Jason.  Luke says Jason was never Jake’s father, and apologizes for taking Jake away from him.  Lucky asks him to think about what life would be like for Lulu, Ethan, him and Tracy if something were to happen to him. Lucky tells his father that he can’t take the easy way out.