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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam comes home from the hospital and chooses to rest on Jason’s couch.  She says the pain of the surgery reminds her of when she lost her baby, but then apologizes for babbling about babies.  Jason assures her that it’s fine, but he has trouble sleeping because he has memories of Jake. Sam assures him that she’s there for him. He says they need to discuss the surgery and talk about the baby decision.   He tells her he’s trying to accept Jake’s death and that she might be ready for a baby sooner than he is.  Sam informs him that the decision to have the baby will be made when they’re both ready. She sends him off to go clear his head while she naps. 

Carly’s thrilled that Joss is doing so well that she’s ready to be released.  Jax reminds her that the baby is going home with him, because he doesn’t want Joss to be a casualty.  Carly tells him she’ll fight him with everything she has.  Shawn interrupts to protect Carly, but Jax tells him to stay out of it.  Carly reminds Jax that he knew Sonny was her ex when they married, so he can’t use that against her now.  She tells him she’ll play dirty and is a much better liar. 

Suzanne is with a woman named Betty, who’s been taking care of Brenda’s real son while she was away.  Suzanne is happy that Brenda went public with the reward, because she had planned on going back to continue the grieving grandmother role and realizes she would have been caught. 

Brenda finds Dante, Sonny and Spinelli working on Lucian’s disappearance and wants to know details. She soon gets very angry when she feels that they’re holding out on her.  She thinks they’re mad at her for going public and Dante points out that Lucian is no longer a high priority, now that law enforcement knows that he’s with his grandmother.  Brenda screams some more about being shut out and she’s going to go to Jax, because he’s willing to help.  She says she doesn’t care what anyone else wants, including Sonny.  

Tracy stops by to see Lulu and asks about Luke.  Lulu tells her that she found Ethan hanging out and drinking with Luke.  When Tracy asks what Lulu thinks now, and Lulu admits her father has a problem. 

Spinelli looks into Theo’s past and some information leads to San Antonio.  Dante and Sonny prepare to leave.  Spin asks about Brenda, but Sonny tells him not to say anything to her.  Dante wants a social worker along to deal with the child, but Sonny has a better idea. 

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Brenda calls Jax to come to her, so he leaves the hospital, but not before he reminds Carly of how it would feel if someone stole Joss from her.  Brenda complains to Jax that Dante and Sonny are keeping stuff from her, but Jax assures her that Lucian will be found, and he’ll use all of his resources to find her son.  He promises not to let her down. 

Dante meets with Lulu to tell her he’s going to get Suzanne and Lucian with Sonny.  She’s surprised he’s working with his father.  He admits that he wants to help, and Sonny trusts him. He finds it nice that they’re coming together and joining forces. 

Sonny stops by the hospital and asks Carly to go with them to find Suzanne and Lucian, so she can take care of the boy.  She says Joss is coming home and she can’t.  He says he can’t ask Robin to go and she’s the only other woman whom he can trust.  Sonny talks her into it, so she tells Shawn she’s going to be away for a while and to look after Joss. Carly also makes Sonny promise to make it fast.

Spinelli calls Dante and Sonny and gives them an address for Suzanne.  When Brenda gets home, she apologizes for yelling at him earlier, and Spinelli lets her know that things will be okay.  When Brenda insists that he spill his guts, he mentions that Dante, Sonny and Carly are going to get Lucian.

Dante boards the jet and is surprised to see Carly, but Sonny explains the need for a woman to help Lucian.  Dante admits that Carly is a fierce mother, but points out that Brenda will be pissed when she finds out.  Dante wonders if Carly and Sonny are still fighting, but Sonny says despite their arguments, they always have each other’s backs. 

Jason meets with Shawn, who explains to him about Jax’s attack on Carly, Sonny showing up, and then whisking Carly away. 

Suzanne is talking to Alec, Brenda’s real son, explaining how things have worked out for them. 

Brenda tells Jax that Sonny’s jet has just left and that he didn’t take her, but took Carly.  Jax doesn’t believe it because Joss is supposed to be released. 

Dante hopes that Suzanne won’t put up a fight, but Sonny reminds him that they need to be prepared in case she does.