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One Life to Live Recap: Unwell

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Marty:  Oh, don’t worry about me.  I’m actually really good with a knife.  I did go to medical school.

Natalie and Liam enter John’s apartment, unaware of a bloody handprint on the back of the door.  As Marty sets up a lovely, blood-soaked dinner on the roof, Natalie finds a note to John leading him there.  She heads upstairs as a pool of blood seeps out from underneath the bathroom door.  Natalie surprises Marty, who stresses she’s not invited, but Natalie stays to confront Marty with the truth while waving Marty’s session tape.  They argue about various illegal moves, and Marty begs Natalie to give her John and allow Brody to be Liam’s father, but Natalie refuses to lie anymore.  She slams Marty’s delusions, insisting John is only being nice, and Marty picks up the knife.  Terrified, Natalie tries to placate Marty, but since Marty’s already taken care of Kelly, she has nothing left to lose and she attacks Natalie.  They struggle, inching precariously close to the edge.

Brody and Cutter are stunned when Jessica’s new alter, Wes, emerges.  He’s modeled after Brody’s old navy buddy, Wes Granger.  Wes wants to pick up chicks, and he borrows Cutter’s clothes in an effort to man up.  Brody is slightly amused at Cutter’s horror that he’s now married to a guy, but then they bicker over who caused the split.  When Cutter claims Tess was fine, Brody reminds him that Jessica hasn’t been fine for months. 

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After Wes is dressed, he wants to hit the town, but Cutter suggests they go to a place called St. Ann’s.  Wes “takes a leak” first, but eventually Brody and Cutter realize he’s been in the bathroom too long.  When Brody breaks open the door, they discover Wes snuck out the window.

At Capricorn, Rama flirts with Cristian, but they’re interrupted by a frantic Aubrey who pulls away Rama.  She fills in Rama on all of Cutter’s shenanigans, and Rama wants Aubrey to rein him in, but Aubrey surprises herself when she reveals she loves her husband.  Rama believes Joey will believe in her love because it’s now true, and she advises Aubrey to fight for Joey while using her vast knowledge of Cutter to blackmail him. 

Outside the club, Dorian needles the “Lush of Llanview” and “Minx of the Minuteman,” so "The Slut of..." Echo tosses her martini on the “Lunatic of La Boulaie.”  Cristian steps in on Dorian’s behalf, barring Echo while offering to call her a cab.  Dorian gloats about Echo and Charlie’s relationship tanking, and she’s delighted to reveal that Charlie’s leaving town.  Echo is disbelieving, she eventually realizes it’s true.  Dorian offers Echo a payoff to leave as well, but Echo declines, declaring war instead.

Clint’s doctor advises him to get his affairs in order because his blood type makes him an unlikely candidate for a heart.  Clint wants to tell his family at the right time, so he asks for discretion.  Joey arrives, blaming himself as he fills in Clint on the Ford, Cutter, and Tess debacle, but Clint is impressed by Joey’s attempt at wheeling and dealing.  Joey admits his suspicions about Aubrey, and he asks Clint for enlightenment, who then reveals the whole shebang.  Joey kicks himself for hurting Kelly and he wants to blow Aubrey out of the water, but Clint suggests Joey play along until they get Jessica back.  On his way out, he’s touched when Clint insists he’s proud of the man Joey’s become.

Joey arrives at Capricorn and gives Aubrey peace of mind while playing her like an old pro.  As Dorian slinks over to Joey, who asks about Kelly, Aubrey and Rama are stunned by someone hitting on them: Wes.

John drops by Llanfair to consult Natalie about her message, but he finds a pensive Viki instead.  They share a quiet moment wherein Viki asks that John treat Natalie gently.  John leaves when Charlie arrives with the signed divorce papers.  He tells her his relationship with Echo is over, and Viki feels terrible he was hurt, but he insists he was an idiot.  He’s leaving town to make a clean start, but first he wants to make amends and he hopes to earn back Viki’s respect in time.  Charlie was reamed by Moe and Noelle, but once that was settled, Moe offered him a job.  A tornado leveled the Bonjour Cafe in Paris, Texas, and Moe has tapped Charlie to rebuild it, a poignant move that clearly touches Viki. 

Charlie asks Viki to pass a message to Natalie: he would like her to say hello to Jared’s grave for him once in a while.  Charlie is moved when Viki wishes him luck, and on his way out, he promises he will always love his “Viki D.”  A tearful Viki signs the divorce papers and removes her wedding band.  Later, she arrives at the hospital to visit Clint, but she’s devastated to overhear Clint discussing his true prognosis with the doctor.

John enters his apartment, immediately noticing the bloody handprint.  He draws his gun, slowing making his way through the one-and-a-half rooms until he spies the blood spilling from the bathroom.  He discovers a badly stabbed Kelly, and he calls paramedics as he tries to compress the wound.  Kelly awakens and manages to choke out Marty’s name.