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Could Clint Get Matthew's Heart on OLTL?

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DAMN!  One Life to Live’s Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) can’t catch a break. TV Guide’sMichael Logan reveals, in his new interview with Woods and Smith, that  “On May 23, Matthew will collapse and, later, he's diagnosed as being very nearly brain-dead. Then comes word that Bo's brother Clint (Jerry verDorn) needs a new heart or he will die. You can see where this plot might go.”

During the interview with Woods and Smith, he asks the popular actors to weigh in on the decisions facing their characters.

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TV Guide Magazine: And then, suddenly, both Matthew and Clint are dying.

Smith: Things get so bad that Bo and Nora actually set aside the murder — their minds just can't handle that much. Decisions need to be made about Matthew. They're told he has minimal brain activity just as Clint's condition is suddenly worse. They're being jerked around from one tragedy to another. It's too, too much. Matthew's getting worse. Clint's getting worse. All they need now is a tornado to hit Llanview.

Woods: And Bo has horrible guilt, feeling responsible for causing Clint's heart attack. But at the same time, Bo wants him behind bars, paying for what he's done. Yet here's Clint barely fighting for his life. It's pretty complicated stuff.

Read the entire interview at TV Guide.