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Drinking Games and Interrogations on Then We Got Help!

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If you haven’t watched the last two episodes of the laugh out loud web series Then We Got Help, you’re going to want to tune in to episodes and “I Never” and “There Once Was A Man Named Jan.” Dan (Nicholas Rodriguez) and Eric (Blake Hammond) host the therapy session in “I Never.” Two words sum up why you should watch episode seven, “drinking game.”

In Then We Got Help’s eighth episode of the season, “There Once Was A Man Named Jan,” Sam McMurray guests as Gerry’s (Susan Ferrara) offensive dad, Jan. Gerry is in charge of the meeting in episode eight and she asks her dad, a former detective with “the highest confession rate in NYPD history,” to interrogate the group.  For those who haven’t watched the hilarious comedy, it would be an understatement to say Gerry’s husband Terry (Sean Mahon) isn’t a fan of his father-in-law.

This week’s episode drives that point home when an upset Terry almost comes to blows with his father-in-law. When Jan sets his sights on Eric, Eric admits he’s worried Dan will love the baby they are trying to adopt more than he will his partner.  Watch the two most recent episodes of Then We Got Help after the jump!

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