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One Life to Live Recap: Livin' on the Edge

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Natalie:  How do I know that you’re not going to pull me over?

Marty:  Because I don’t want to die!

Natalie:  Okay, that I believe.

Natalie and Marty struggle until Marty goes over the edge.  As she clings to the gutter, Natalie wonders why she should bother to help considering Marty may have killed Kelly, tried to kill Natalie, and is sorry for none of it.  For Cole’s sake, Natalie decides to call for help, but she drops her phone and rushes to Marty when Marty begins slipping.  After resolving some reasonable trust issues, Natalie pulls a thankful Marty to safety, but she stupidly pokes the proverbial bear by taunting rather than placating.  Marty, the victorious superstar, blindsides Natalie from behind and launches her over the edge.  Later, John makes a horrifying discovery: a limp, lifeless Natalie laying on the ground.

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Though Clint tries to deny it, Viki overheard Clint with his doctor, and she forces him to tell the truth: he’s dying.  Viki gets weepy while Clint remains realistic, but she takes issue with his insistence on keeping their kids in the dark.  Clint believes they have too many other problems on which to focus, but Viki insists he’s being selfish, because although he’s given in to the dark side recently, the kids and Viki will love him no matter what.  She inquires about the basis of his reasoning, but Clint refuses to be analyzed. 

The ex-spouses reminisce about their many years of joint parenting, and Viki believes Clint has largely been an excellent father.  He promises to consider telling the children, and Viki relents.  Though Viki doesn’t want to be analyzed either, she fills him in on how things have panned out with Charlie.  Clint uses backwards logic to explain why he kept Echo’s secret, but Viki’s touched when Clint wants to drive away “jackass” Charlie for breaking Viki’s heart.  Viki suspects there’s more to the story of how Dorian acquired the recording, but when Clint’s answers are cryptic, she decides she’d rather not know.

Cutter is freaked out by the idea of Wes, but Brody can’t offer any insight as Wes is a new alter.  They decide to call bars to find Wes, but Brody thinks he’ll go to a place Jessica knows.  He calls Cristian, prefacing that it might sound weird, but Cris finishes his thought: Jessica “is a dude.”  Brody and Cutter head to Capricorn.

Cristian removes the beer from Wes’ hands and acts as a buffer for Rama and Aubrey who are unnerved by Wes’ advances.  As Dorian needles Joey about his marriage, she notices he has competition, but Dorian and Joey are shocked to see that it’s Jessica.  Worried, Dorian decides to call Viki, but before she can, John calls to alert her to Kelly’s condition.  Dorian and Joey, much to Aubrey’s chagrin, race to the hospital. 

Brody and Cutter arrive, and Brody buddies up to Wes.  Cutter, meanwhile, shares a tense moment with Aubrey before taunting her about Joey running to Kelly’s side.  Brody is a one-woman man, gushing about Jessica, and he shows Wes a picture.  Unfortunately, Wes shows no signs of recognition.  When Wes wants to leave, Brody offers to tag along, but he’s called to work on an APB out for Marty.  He ask Cristian, who he trusts, to stall Wes, so Cris and Rama feed Wes disguised non-alcoholic beer to keep him from leaving.

John accompanies a rather gray Kelly to the hospital, where the doctor informs him that Kelly’s condition is critical.  Kelly manages to squeak out the pertinent events of the night, and she tells John she thinks she heard Natalie enter the apartment when she was trapped in the bathroom.  After John is ordered out of the room, he leaves a desperate message for Natalie. 

Dorian and Joey arrive, and John fills them in.  He orders a manhunt for Marty before heading back to the scene.  Dorian flaunts her credentials and demands that the doctor not sugarcoat anything.  He explains that Kelly lost an exceptional amount of blood, and she suffered two stab wounds which lacerated either her liver or a kidney.  As Joey tenderly sits with Kelly and pours out his heart, Dorian vows to make Marty pay.