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Y&R's Beth Maitland Praises Maria Arena Bell For Re-Inventing The Abbotts

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The Young and the Restless fan favorite Beth Maitland is back in Genoa City as Traci Abbott. TV Guide’sMichael Logan caught up with Maitland, who talked about her storyline opposite Abby (Marcy Rylan) and reflected on how previous creative regimes dismantled the Abbotts, while current showrunner Maria Arena Bell put them back front and center.

TV Guide Magazine: Who's the angel over at Y&R who keeps bringing you back? Is it [exec producer] Maria Bell? One of the old-timers on the writing team?

Maitland: I truly have no idea. I have to think it's Maria but I don't know for certain. [Laughs] In the last two years I've seen her twice, both times in the CBS parking lot, but we've never really had a conversation. It does feel like this is part of her commitment to keeping the core families important and reminding people what the Abbotts are all about. In previous regimes, there was a lot of dismantling done to the Abbotts, especially when they decided to kill off John [the patriarch played by Jerry Douglas]. Traci has kind of moved into his spot to make everyone accountable in the Abbott universe. She's the conscience everyone has to 'fess up to.

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