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Days of Our Lives: Happy Anniversary Shane and Kimberly

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Ten powerful minutes of daytime television from Days of Our Lives sensations (Patsy Pease) and (Charles Shaughnessy), also known as 80’s super-couple Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady. It was the year 1988, Shane’s daughter Eve Donovan, played by the popular (Charlotte Ross), was in Salem and mixing it in with the wrong crowds. Eve played the streets as a hideaway prostitute who became involved with Pimp Nick Corelli (Conrad Dunn) who was eventually murdered in one of Salem’s biggest whodunit mysteries.

“Happy Anniversary Kim and Shane!” were the words Patricia Pease posted to her Facebook profile on May 5, commemorating the union of ISA Agent Shane Donovan and the girl from the Brady Fish Market, Kimberly Brady. Here, you’ll see one of Shane and Kimberly’s most powerful scenes. A very pregnant Kimberly follows Eve to a rundown hotel room where she is being roughed up by one of her ‘Johns’. Kimberly sneaks her way into the room and manages to smooth talk ‘The John’ to leave the hotel for a few minutes. Meanwhile at a restaurant in Washington, Shane away on ISA duties dines with Gabrielle who is unbeknownst to the drama about to unfold in Salem. When ‘The John’ arrives back to the room to find Eve trying to escape through a window and Kimberly close by, he rushes forward and lunges at a pregnant Kimberly throwing her across the room and over a side table, hitting her head and knocking her unconscious to the ground. Cue dramatic music!

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The video picks up at Salem University Hospital where Kimberly is recovering from her miscarriage.  Dr Neil Curtis (Joseph Gallison) is bedside for a short while before Shawn (Frank Parker) and Caroline Brady (Peggy McKay) enter. Kimberly, clearly distraught asks whether Shane has arrived back in Salem from Washington only to be told he hasn’t. Eve runs into Shane and Gabrielle who arrive at the Donovan mansion to be told of Kimberly’s accident – (cue the dramatic music) Shane rushes to the hospital. When Shane arrives, (cue the Shane & Kimberly tune) Kimberly gives her back to Shane, but can hear every word he is saying to her. Shane reaches over and grabs Kimberly’s hand, apologises, and tells her that he loves her, as Kimberly breaks down into tears. Days of Our Lives writing at its dramatic best, a far cry from what the show is 22 years on.