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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Shawn explains Jax’s evil intentions to keep his child away from violence, and Jason is determined not to let Jax take Josslyn away from Carly. I wonder who died and made Jason, God. 

Jax calls Alexis to let her know that Carly took off with Sonny and he wants to use this against her.  Brenda’s in a kerfuffle about Sonny taking Carly to find Lucian, because Lucian is her son, HER SON, in case anyone wasn’t clear on that point.  Brenda wants Jax to find out where they went, but Jax, being the only one in the room with a functioning brain, reminds Brenda that if they alert Suzanne, she’ll take off and disappear.   Jax lets Brenda in on the little secret that Sonny and Carly always turn to each other in times of high stress, and they’ll likely have nasty limo sex together. 

Suzanne explains all of her plans to young Alec.  She’s going to Switzerland and they're going to have so much fun, once they get there.

Sonny reminds everyone of the suffering Michael has endured and Carly chimes in to remind them that it’s all Dante’s fault. Dante informs them that he was only doing what he thought was best for Michael.  Then, the writers remember that were no longer in September of 2010 and get back to how Lucian is doing.   Sonny admits he and Carly are toxic together, and Michael and Morgan paid the price.  Carly claims she made a bunch of mistakes, but making him the father of her sons wasn’t one of them.  Uh Carly, way to not see the forest for the trees there.

Spinelli finds Sam home alone, but she assures him she doesn’t need anyone to take care of her while she convalesces.  The two discuss the procedure and the fact that no one wants to replace Jake (well Guza does, but no one actually living in Port Charles).  Sam’s not sure if she’ll even make a good mother, but Spin assures her that she will and a baby will give Jason the chance to be the wonderful father that they all know he can be.  Because, nothing says wonderful father quite like a mob hitman.  Can’t wait for bring your kid to work day.

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Jason’s reading to young Josslyn (who desperately needs a haircut!), when Liz comes in and gushes how adorable she is and hopes she’ll have a long life. Liz suddenly gets very sad and must leave the room.

Jason follows Liz outside and they continue their conversation. Liz tells Jason she’s angry and wonders why God took Jake, and I wait for Jason to explain, since apparently, he is God.  Liz feels badly that Jason didn’t get the same time with Jake as she did, but feels happy that he’s living on in Josslyn and others who received his organs. 

Liz thanks Steven because he’s the one who has to get grieving parents to see that they should donate their children’s organs.  Steven’s proud of how Liz has been handling things. 

When Jax shows up to release Josslyn, Jason reminds him that Jax is not in charge of his own daughter.  Jason knows better since he lost his own sperm donation, I mean, son and Jax shouldn’t make the mistake of taking Joss away from her mother, who couldn’t be bothered to be there when she was released. 

Dante wonders if they should alert local authorities, but Sonny doesn’t want to deal with red tape. Carly reminds them that Suzanne has connections and can hide easily.  When the two get to the house, Suzanne and Alec are gone, but Dante calls Spinelli, who uses his magic computer to overtake Suzanne’s car and stall it.  Carly finds a picture of Alec and wonders who the new kid is.  Sonny and Dante figure out Suzanne’s genius plan and head out to find her. 

Brenda shows up at the penthouse, demanding Spinelli tell her where Lucian is.  She reminds Spinelli that Lucian is her son, HER SON, just in case he’s forgotten, and that she needs to know, so she can be there for him. 

The Scooby Gang finds Suzanne and Alec in the fakest looking park ever.  Sonny says Carly will take Alec to the car to keep him away from any violence.  Dante wants Suzanne to make this easy on them and allow him to take her into custody.  Instead, Suzanne grabs Sonny and puts her Theo throat-slashing knife to his neck, saying she’ll protect her grandson from his violence.  Dante pulls out his gun and we have ourselves a Mexican standoff.  Suzanne says he won't shoot.  Sonny doesn’t think Dante can make the shot without hitting him.  Dante’s all, “Hey remember when we were in your living room and you were the one with the gun?  Good times, good times”.  Kidding, he didn’t say that.

Carly tries to keep Alec’s mind occupied with talk of horses.  After he starts to open up to her, a gun shot rings out.  I actually think the episode would have ended better with the standoff, because it’s not like anyone is going to be sitting on the edge of their seats until Monday.