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One Life to Live Recap: All Hell's Breakin' Loose

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John:  Liam is gonna be okay.  He has to be.

Marty launches Natalie off the roof, and then turns her gaze on Liam.  Liam’s a captive audience as Marty justifies her reign of terror.

John finds Natalie on the ground.  Though bloody and bruised, she’s alive thanks to an awning breaking her fall.  Brody arrives, and they hover over Natalie until she chokes out Liam’s whereabouts.  John sends Brody to find Liam, but when he does, Marty comes at him from behind and knocks him out by smashing him over the head with a flower pot.

A worried Dorian paces as Viki approaches, seeking answers about how Dorian acquired the recorder from Clint.  Dorian snaps, and Viki is gobsmacked to hear about Kelly, especially when she finds out Marty’s responsible.  As Dorian breaks down, Viki provides her with unwavering support and reassurance.  

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Joey caresses Kelly’s hand and face, pleading with her to live.  He’s been an idiot, and he admits if he knew months ago there was a chance for them, he would’ve jumped on it.  He profusely apologizes for wasting time as Kelly crashes. 

Dorian remembers to alert Viki to Jessica’s newest alter, but before she can, she’s drawn away by Kelly’s crisis.

Tea visits Tomas, pretending to know what’s in his CIA file.  He calls her bluff; she knows nothing, and he can’t provide any answers.  She drops him as a client because she can’t possibly provide an adequate defense for a mystery man.  On her way out, Tomas warns her that her husband isn’t who she thinks he is; she believes that’s only true of her brother.

Todd tosses his encrypted file as Starr and Blair enter.  They want answers, but he defensively deflects, annoyed that everyone seems to be giving Tomas the benefit of the doubt.  He and Blair insufferably bicker and he blasts her for snooping in his desk.  Both women are certain Todd’s file is important but he turns the tables again, belittling Blair for “sleeping with psychos” while surprising her with the fact that Tomas has a similar file.  Blair is dubious, but intent on finding out for herself.  Irritated with his attitude, Starr and Blair leave. 

Tea visits Todd but is stunned to find his room empty, while Tomas is surprised by his next visitor: Todd.

In an “undisclosed location,” a guard informs an inquiring agent that their prisoner is status quo.  A mystery project is about to be shut down, so the agent decides to make one final attempt with the captive, who’s been quiet for years.  A very familiar scarred face twitches.

Joey and Dorian find solace in each other’s arms.  As Joey kicks himself for his treatment of Kelly, Dorian reminds him that Kelly’s a Cramer woman, a natural-born fighter.  As Blair and Starr are leaving the hospital, Dorian runs into them and shocks them with the news about Kelly.  The women stick together, rallying around their critical family member.

John rushes in accompanying Natalie, and Viki panics as John explains the course of events, even more so when she realizes Liam is missing.  The doctor updates them on Natalie’s condition; she’s bruised and broken, but miraculously, she will recover fully.  Viki runs into Joey and informs him of Natalie’s accident as a tender John tries to get a statement from a drugged and groggy Natalie who continues to breathe Liam’s name.

Marty takes Brody’s gun, ranting about their history and all of the wrongs she’s endured, but she decides to leave him alive to feel the same pain of abject loss she’s faced.  After an unstable Brody regains consciousness, he discovers that Liam’s gone and only his sock remains.  As Brody shouts for Liam, Marty looks up from street-level before taking off with the baby.