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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Stephanie Plots Against Brooke!

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Thomas/Stephanie: La Forrester uses her own grandson as a means to bust up Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie offers Thomas a huge career move at Forrester if he lies about what went down on the island! Thomas fabricates what happened between he and Brooke, which she promptly denies! Ridge buys the story and can't believe Thomas would lie about what happened. Stephanie is determined to get Ridge and Taylor back together and isn't done with her schemes.

Ridge: The chiseled one goes to Dayzee for help with Thomas and sets up a romantic dinner for the two young lovers.

Thomas/Dayzee: The concrete rose (dig the nickname?) whisks Thomas off for a nice evening. Dayzee has him recall what took place on the island.

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Whip: He is royally upset with Thomas about the magic berries causing Taylor to get crazy. Later, Whip comes to a conclusion about his marriage.

Taylor: Doc tells Ridge all about thinking about him while she was high on the berries. Taylor isn't happy when hubby Whip comes to visit her at the hospital. Later, Taylor confides in Steffy about her feelings for Ridge.

Bill/Katie: Dollar Bill spills to Justin his growing feelings for Steffy and skepticism with Katie. Katie confides to her sisters how shaky her marriage is. Steffy tells Bill she is not going to stop chasing him until he's hers.