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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Colin Goes After Lily!

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Colin/Lily: The Aussie mobster's kindness to his daughter-in-law is all a facade. He wants custody of his grandkids and is determined to get it by hook or crook. Colin starts to convince Lily she's going crazy and goes so far as to tell Neil about "his findings". Neil talks to Lily and starts to wonder himself if his daughter is losing her marbles.

Nina/Chance/Heather: Mama Webster is furious when she finds out her baby boy has decided to head back for deployment. Nina puts the blame squarely on Heather's shoulders.

Phyllis: Big Red gets low in her quest to get custody of little Lucy, takintg her fight to the Internet.


The fashionista's run in with the law gives Billy an advantage in their custody battle.

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Ashley/Tucker/Abby: The rebel billionaire is in pretty bad shape after the Naked Heiress runs him over like the dog he is. While both Abby and Tucker are out cold in the hospital, Ashley decides to take the rap for her daughter.

Things don't look good for Ashley, thanks to Diane. The current Mrs. Newman tells the police she saw everything, and doesn't think "Ashley" hitting Tucker was an accident. Ashley stays by Abby's bedside in order to get their stories straight. Control of McCall Unlimited is up for grabs now that the company's namesake is out of commission for the unseen future. Watch for a power struggle to play out.

Victor/Diane: The Black Knight is fed up with the albatross around his neck. Victor kicks Diane to the curb— and off the ranch after he discovers what she tells the police. Don't expect Diane to go quietly into the night.

Adam/Diane: Remember when I told ya, Diane teams up with someone unexpected? Well watch for The Black Sheep and his stepmom to team up.

Katherine/Sofia: The ladies go to war over Tucker's will.

Devon: Look for two major stories involving Dru and Neil's adopted son. We hear he's going to fall for a damsel who lives in distress, around the same time he learns his suprise bio father is her mortal enemy...