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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly distracts Alec with talk of firecrackers. Outside the limo, the gunshot turned out to be Dante firing a warning shot. Dante and Sonny manage to distract Suzanne and Sonny is able to get the knife away from her.  Sonny says Alec deserves to be with his real mother, so he and Carly take the boy back to PC, while Dante places Suzanne under arrest.

Brenda is still screeching about why Sonny took Carly instead of her to rescue her son, feeling that Carly is careless and reckless (maybe even neckless and feckless, I don’t know, sometimes I need to stop listening when Brenda’s screeching).  Spinelli reminds her that what’s important is her son’s safety, but apparently, what’s important to Brenda is that Carly might have infected Lucian with her cooties. 

Brenda claims she knows Suzanne better than anyone and she should be there. However, Spin points out that Suzanne deceived her for years and that Carly was only brought to soothe and comfort Lucian, something Brenda does not want to hear.  Brenda thinks Sonny is treating her so poorly because she turned to Jax for help and asks Spinelli if it’s safe to raise children in that house.  Spinelli assures her that Sonny is a good father, whose children love him.

Jason tells Jax that he and Carly should work out their differences, but Jax reminds him that their differences are mob hit men and their bad influences on Carly. Jax goes on to say those are reasons that Jason gave up Jake and brings up Michael's was shooting. 

Lulu finds Michael at the loft, studying, and the two discuss Luke, Abby and Dante.  Lulu assures him that Dante’s top priority is Abby, right after his current top priority, which is Lucian, but it seems Michael’s not that happy with Dante.  Lulu’s still upset about Luke.

CarSon and Alec are on their way back and Sonny compliments Carly on how good she is with Alec. He reasserts that it was the right decision to bring her.  Sonny calls Brenda and explains about Lucian and Alec.  Carly feels Brenda will be overwhelmed by all of this, but Sonny is sure that Brenda will fall in love with Alec as she did with Lucian.  Carly points out that Brenda is insanely jealous and Sonny now owes her a favor. 

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Alexis drops by to see Sam, with books in tow.  The two discuss having babies and Alexis asks her what she wants.  Alexis reminds her that she didn’t know how babies would fit into her life, but has no regrets having her three daughters. She feels Sam needs to think about what she wants. 

Jason mentions Jerry to Jax, but Jax says he didn’t help Jerry.  Jason says to agree with Carly instead of argue with her, but Jax has decided to let the courts settle their problems and wonders if he needs to call security to get rid of Jason.  Alexis shows up and reminds Jason that he’s not in charge of Josslyn or Jax, so Jason steps aside and Jax takes Josslyn home to the hotel. 

When Carly shows up at the hospital and finds Josslyn gone, Jason explains that Jax took her. He advises her not fight the legality of it all, but Carly doesn’t care and declares that Joss needs to be with her. 

Spinelli comes home with a gift of candles to nudge JaSam into the right mood.  Sam explains her visit with her mother and how they get along now.  She says losing her daughter nearly killed her and Spin wonders if she wants another child. Sam is not sure, but appreciates Spinelli’s support. 

Jason comes home and asks Spinelli to find something on Jax that Carly can use in court, especially if it’s tied to Jerry.  Spinelli wonders if Jason wants him to manufacture something and Jason says yes, but they’ll hang onto it.  When Spin leaves, Jason explains to Sam about CarJax’s custody issues. 

Jax and Alexis discuss the custody issue and she explains that Carly loves her daughter as much as he does. She advises him not to fight her for Josslyn. 

Dante’s back at the station and meets with Lulu, who wonders how things went with dear old dad. Dante admits he stopped thinking of Sonny as a criminal, but as a father. 

Sonny brings Alec home and Brenda makes small talk with him, before putting him to bed.  Afterwards, Sonny swears that Alec didn’t see anything upsetting and Carly shielded him.  Brenda wishes he had taken her with him and figures he thought she was too emotional. Brenda doesn’t think she can forgive Sonny for taking Carly to find HER SON. 

Carly shows up at Jax’s hotel, demanding to see her daughter.