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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda questions Sonny on whether he just wanted Carly with him and not her, but he says Carly is more objective, since she didn’t know Suzanne.  He explains that Carly was able to calm Alec.  Brenda wonders if the roles were reversed, would he take her to find Carly’s kids? Sonny tells Brenda that he didn’t want her to see anything that might have happened.  While Brenda appreciates that her son is back, she wants him to admit he was wrong to take Carly. However, Sonny feels he did the right thing.  Brenda asks if Sonny slept with Carly, but he denies it.  Brenda reiterates that she feels Sonny disrespected her by taking Carly.  Sonny explains how things went down and mentions that Dante brought Suzanne back to PC. Brenda decides to pay Suzanne a visit. 

Liz tells Cam to get ready for bed, but when she goes upstairs, he takes off outside and she panics.  Siobhan and Lucky are discussing getting interviewed about their marriage. It turns out; she doesn’t know him as well as she thought.  Lucky gets a call from Cameron saying that Liz is freaking out and he heads over to see them. 

Liz is surprised when Lucky shows up; unaware that Cam had called him to come over.  She explains that Cam ran outside and she freaked out. She dragged him back inside and began to yell at him. Liz feels badly that she lost it on him.  Lucky lets her know that he has his moments as well and they need to keep going.  The two decide to talk to Cam together.  Later on, Lucky says he’ll take note of what Cam says he misses and promises to be there more for his son.  Liz is worried about Siobhan, but Lucky says she understands.  Lucky feels they need to take one day at a time and the two share a hug.

Carly hugs her daughter and wants to take her home, but Jax reminds her that he’s keeping Josslyn because she can’t provide a safe environment. He goes on to inform Carly that he wants the custody agreement to say that Jason and Sonny are not allowed anywhere near her when she has Josslyn.  Carly brings up Jerry, but Jax assures her that Joss is safe with Jerry and he’s not around anyway.  Carly reminds him that Jason personally removed Jake’s kidney and inserted it into Joss’ belly.  She also tells him that she’ll never turn her back on Sonny, not even for her daughter. (But, hey. her kids are important to her) Carly claims she had every intention of meeting him halfway, but now she’s going to fight him for Josslyn. 

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Robin and Patrick sit at Kelly’s and discuss their history and counseling session. 

Lisa stops by the Scrubs house to visit with Kristina.  They make small talk about not getting into Yale and Kris says she will go to PCU instead.  Lisa asks to use the bathroom, but really heads down to the basement to look at the fuse box and takes pictures of the water heater.   When she returns, Kris wonders where she was, but Lisa lies and says she went to the kitchen for water.  Kristina begins to think it wasn’t such a good idea to let Lisa in. Suddenly, Scrubs comes home, and Lisa ducks out the side door. 

Robin and Patrick thank Kristina for being so trustworthy with their daughter and ask about Yale.  Robin mentions she went for one year then switched, and that it doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you do well.  After Kristina leaves, Robin and Patrick are being lovey dovey on the couch, while Lisa looks at her pictures of their water heater. 

Brenda shows up at the PCPD, demanding to see Suzanne and is annoyed with Dante for having taken Carly with them.  Lulu points out that Brenda should be grateful to have her son back, and points out that Dante put his badge on the line to rescue him. She wonders if Brenda would rather be in Liz’s shoes. 

Brenda snarks out Suzanne, angry that she lied about everything just to get revenge. However, Suzanne isn’t sorry, saying she did it to give Alec a good life. She knows this is impossible now, because he’ll be living with Sonny and his mob violence.  Suzanne tells Brenda to pack up her son and get him as far away from Sonny as possible.

Carly stops by to see Sonny and spends more time with Alec.  She mentions a horse farm next door and takes him out to meet the horses.  Later, she puts him to bed and tells Sonny that she’s now a familiar face to Alec.  She explains about Jax and the custody issue, and Sonny feels Jax is just being vindictive and trying to intimidate her.  Carly says she can see Josslyn, but can’t live with her.  Sonny tells her he will do whatever he can to help her get custody of Josslyn. 

Brenda goes to Jax to vent and explains the switch between Lucian and Alec. She mentions that Suzanne told her she wouldn’t be a good mother unless she left Sonny.  Brenda explains that she fell in love with Lucian instantly, yet didn’t feel those same feelings when she saw Alec.  She’s also upset that because of his name; Alec will always remind her that she had a baby with a man she hated.  Jax tells her to change Alec’s name, but that’s not an option.  Jax explains that Morgan intimidated him at first, but now he’s sorry about the divorce, since he no longer has legal rights to him. Jax assures Brenda she’ll be a good mother.