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One Life to Live Recap: Sweet Little Lies

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Todd:  Yeah, I made a mistake.  I was wrong.  Tomas... he didn’t shoot me.

Todd visits Tomas and threatens to kill him.  After Tomas calls his bluff, he indicates that he’s aware of the secrets Todd is keeping.  Tomas admits to being on-site at the time of Todd’s shooting, but he didn’t pull the trigger.  Tomas warns Todd that if he faces consequences for the shooting, he’ll come clean about everything he knows about Todd, and everyone in Todd’s life will most certainly care about Tomas’ information.  Todd realizes Tomas is the one in charge, and they strike a deal.  As Todd leaves, Tomas advises him to “do [his] job.” Later, the guard informs Tomas that his arraignment is set for the following morning, but Tomas is confident his legal troubles will evaporate before then.

At an undisclosed location, a familiar scarred face twitches.  An agent administers a new medication, hoping to finally get a response, but there appears to be no change.  The disappointed agent is ready to throw in the towel once and for all when the man grabs his arm.

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Tea and Dani panic when Todd is gone, and they tear into Shaun for allowing Todd to leave.  Tea leaves a message for Todd before admitting that she sometimes has no idea who Todd is.  Dani confides in her mother that Deanna is staying with Nate, and Tea thinks Starr was wrong to make Deanna Dani’s problem.  Dani worries about Nate’s loyalty, but Tea reassures her; Dani’s territorial, but her reaction is human.  After Dani leaves, Todd returns and Tea blasts him for scaring (according to Shaun, mean) Dani.  He lies that he went to Rodi’s in an attempt to further jog his memory and he was mistaken: Tomas is innocent.

Nate comes home from a losing baseball game.  He and Deanna commiserate, and they complain about the heat that was inadvertently turned on in the building.  They strip down to minimal clothing and eat ice cream. Deanna makes a blanket offer to give Nate and Dani privacy whenever they want it, but Nate sighs that they’re taking their time.  Nate and Deanna engage in an indoor water gun fight until an annoyed Dani arrives.

Destiny runs into Matthew in Angel Square, and he calls her out on avoiding him.  Destiny turns to leave, but she bumps into Marty.  Matthew wonders about the baby Marty has, as Destiny gathers Marty’s belongings.  When Destiny spies a gun, Marty pushes Matthew, and holds them at gunpoint.  From a distance, Brody calls out.  Matthew’s lucky Marty loves his mother, and she runs off with Liam in tow as Brody stumbles into the square.  He collapses, but manages to call in an update to the APB, as Matthew forces him to seek medical attention. 

At the hospital, Matthew and Destiny fill in John, telling him that Marty was out of her mind, and he thanks the teens.  Once alone, Destiny blasts Matthew for risking his own life to protect her, but Matthew wants to know why Destiny’s been so distant since they had sex.  Before she can answer, Shaun overhears and loses it.  Destiny covers that Matthew had sex with his girlfriend who isn’t her, and she dismisses a skeptical Shaun.  Destiny tells Matthew that sex with him meant nothing to her, but she’s surprised when Matthew freely admits otherwise.  It was important to him, and he didn’t need just anyone, he needed her.

Marty checks into the Minuteman as “Mrs. John McBain.”  Believing Kelly and Natalie are dead, Marty thinks her chance for a family is coming together; she now has a baby, and soon she’ll have John.  She’ll return at Christmas, after John’s had time to grieve, telling him that she found Liam in the cold.  She figures several tests will be run, and John can innocently discover Liam is his son.  The first thing on her agenda is the destruction of her session tape, but she grows frantic when she can’t find it.  The tape sits on the pavement under a bench in Angel Square.

John explains to Natalie the events of the evening as he knows them, but she has no recollection of anything beyond kissing Brody (which she understandably keeps to herself).  She worries about Liam, and wants John to bring him to her.  John lies that Liam is with Brody. 

After a doctor sees Brody, he frets about what to tell Natalie, and John leaves it up to Brody, vowing to support any decision he makes.  Brody visits Natalie, his attachment and concern for her apparent, and when she laments that her memory is a black hole, Brody lies that Liam is safe at home.  Once Natalie falls asleep, Brody brings John up to speed on what he told Natalie, and the two men set aside their differences, teaming up to find Liam.