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Wishful Casting: Melody Thomas Scott as Liz Webber's Mother on General Hospital


While Sony and the brass at The Young and the Restless keep gushing to anyone who will listen how all-fired excited they are to start snatching and grabbing actors from All My Children and One Life to Live, contract negotiations at daytime's top soap continue to make members of Navy Seal Team 6 applaud the execs over there on their take no prisoners approach.

Don't get me wrong, I know it's a bad ecomic time for soaps, and fully expect soapers to help these shows stick around by taking the necessary paycuts when called upon, however I really think it's time for the people running this industry to smarten up. You don't go playing "Red Rover, Red Rover, can Genie Francis come over?" when you're claiming you can't afford your own soap's top stars. How did that work for As The General Hospital Actors Turn on CBS during its last season?

Y&R fans are reportedly about to once again be without our beloved (and in my case beloved to hate) Nikki Newman because allegedly they can't afford to play the increasingly incredible Melody Thomas Scott. Say what? say huh?

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The soap was also reportedly thisclose to recasting Billy Miller—easily one of the best soap actors of his generation— with a soon-to-be out of work ABC soap star who doesn't even possess one tenth of Miller's chops, all because of money squabbles. Listen, I am all for strategically hiring some of AMC and OLTL's biggest stars, but if it comes at the expense of the actors we already love on Y&R, then I'm sorry, but no dice. 

Since MTS will soon be cooling her rather slim, sexy jets, while Nikki is rumored to be languishing in rehab because of Sony/Y&R contracting roulette, I say ABC make the first smart move they've made all year and snap up Thomas Scott for a recurring stint on General Hospital.  

With everything Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has gone through in recent years, isn't it about time her mama paid a visit? I'd say ABC Daytime snagging Y&R's top blonde would be a bit of game, set, match, wouldn't you guys?

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