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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole Has It Out With Taylor!

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Nicole/Taylor: Big sister Nicole tells baby sister Taylor to leave Salem. Later, Taylor tells EJ Nicole knows everything about them.

Abby: Ms. Deveraux figures out Katerina and Carly are the same person. Abby discovers Carly's dirty little secret and has a showdown with her.

Chad: The newest DiMera tells Stefano to back off Abby. Chad and Abby share a kiss.

Will/Gabi: The two start to plan for prom.

Kate: She plays a game of cat and mouse with Vivian.

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Melanie: She informs her parents that she wants to be a nurse practitioner.

Maggie: The widow Horton confesses to Victor their separation was a bad idea.

Rafe/Sami: The lovebirds hatch a plot to take down the DiMera's. Sami has a talk with Caroline and winds up flipping out on Ma' Brady! Meanwhile, Rafe has a sweet time with Johnny and Sydney. Rafe and Sami get frustrated when they hit a roadblock in their investigation against EJ and Stefano. Sami and Stefano have a heated confrontation, where she shocks the Phoenix. Rafe and Sami continues to get closer than ever in their relationship when he comforts her after having a horrifying nightmare.

Carly: Dr. Manning and Jennifer have a close moment. Later, Carly and Abby have a chat. Meanwhile, Carly tries hard to fight withdrawal and her feelings for Daniel.

Brady/Dario: The Kiriakis heir inadvertently embarrasses Mr. Hernandez by saving him in front of Melanie. Dario is not amused.

Chloe: The songbird takes a shine to Quinn. The two go out on a date.

Stefano: The Phoenix becomes concerned Rafe is in love with Sami.