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Did Brian Frons LAUGH at Heartbroken Soap Fans Protesting Outside of ABC Upfronts?!

Talk about heartless! Soap Opera Network is reporting ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons was spotted chuckling at fans who protested the ABC Upfronts at Lincoln Center on Tuesday.


The man who sunk SOAPnet like a stone—following failed attempts to rebrand the cabler—spent millions to move All My Children to Los Angeles, only to dump it a little over a year later and who had his PR team lie about the safety of his soaps for years—all while developing their replacements— reportedly walked right by the fans who've helped pay his overbloated salary, laughing.

Humph! We'll see how much Fronsie laughs when The Chew and The Revolution are pulling 0.4's among women 18-49 next season. Un-be-lievable. To look at the pic and see for yourself, visit Soap Opera Network.

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