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One Life to Live Recap: Don't Lie

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Blair:  How could I trust yet another cold-blooded murderer, right?  End of story.  But you changed the story, which left everything up in the air.  I don’t even know what I’m supposed to think about Tomas now!

Todd tells Tea he made a mistake in accusing Tomas of being his shooter, but he promises he never lied.  Blair interrupts, and Tea clues her in before stepping out to call Dani.  Todd teases Blair about now having another chance with her new boyfriend, but Blair doesn’t want to play games.  She barely knows Tomas, but came so close to trusting him before the rug was pulled out from under her.  Now, she’s just furious and doesn’t know what to think, but demands Todd tell her the absolute truth; he swears he is.

Claude surprises Tomas with a visit, concerned about his legal predicament.  Tomas smiles that his problem has been solved, but Claude worries Tomas made “a deal with the devil.”  Tea overhears, and Tomas introduces Claude and his dubious sister.  Tea finds the entire situation hard to believe, and insists it doesn’t add up, but Tomas works overtime to redirect her.  After Tea leaves to speak to the D.A.'s office, Claude warns that Tomas and Todd’s fates are intertwined and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

The man with the scar is finally responsive following an injection.  He’s confused, however naturally snarky, and the agent asks if he knows where or who he is.  He does, but his response is given behind closed doors.

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Hot dog-attired Ford returns home with his coworker, Hamburger Patty, much to James’ amusement.  Patty’s a law student who’s been giving Ford advice on Tess and Ryder, but she’s more interested in hooking up.  She’s irritated when he doesn’t live up to his reputation, and she storms out, insisting he’s hung up on his ex wife. 

After being encouraged by an adorably pushy Blair, Starr visits James.  She’s amused by the hamburger she saw driving away, and Ford stomps off like a petulant child.  Starr and James get frisky on the couch until Ford, utterly oblivious, interrupts them with his whining.  To prove his manhood and reclaim his reputation, he decides to go get drunk and possibly pick up a woman.  After he leaves, Starr and James shrug before resuming their makeout session. 

Dani’s arrival thwarts Nate and Deanna’s indoor water fight.  Nate offers excuses, but Dani’s not in a receptive mood thanks to Todd pulling a Houdini.  Instead of supporting his girlfriend, Nate insensitively flirts with Deanna in front of her until Dani receives a call from Tea; Todd returned to the hospital and recanted his accusation against Tomas.  Dani’s thrilled her uncle is innocent, but Nate remains unconvinced.  She blasts him for his obsession with making Tomas guilty, but Nate doesn’t think the situation is black and white.  Dani storms out, and Nate laments to Deanna that any mention of Tomas turns their relationship into World War III.

Starr feels for Ford, but not entirely, considering Tess isn’t real and Jessica’s her cousin.  After that brief moment lamenting Ford’s ridiculous love life, Starr and James decide to pick up where they left off the other day, and move towards his bedroom to have sex.  Unfortunately, they do too much talking and too little walking, and an outraged Dani who threatens to kick the door down if they don’t let her in interrupts them.  She blasts them for making Deanna her problem, and she now feels foolish for acting like a jealous girlfriend.

Aubrey, Rama, and Cristian employ their best stall tactics to keep Wes at the club, but Wes wonders if Capricorn is a bar or prison.  Cutter, thinking himself the magical Tess whisperer, butts in on the fairly noble mission and exposes Cristian’s serving of non-alcoholic beer.  Wes is angry, and Cutter tries to get him to leave, but Aubrey and Rama swoop in, flirting with Wes to the best of their ability.  Cutter continues playing Devil’s Advocate until Wes literally pushes the ladies away.  On their way out, they run into a very confused Ford, but Wes has no use for him.

Aubrey explains everything until Ford accuses her of a shallow existence and berates her for being out instead of caring for Ryder.  She reminds him that he’s changed, and she’s more than capable of achieving the same.  Cristian, meanwhile, wonders if Rama has come clean to Vimal about her fake pregnancy, but she admits she hasn’t and she thinks herself a terrible person.  Cris reassures and embraces Rama, but when he lets go, they share a charged moment until she leaves with Aubrey.

Cutter tricks Wes into returning to the Minuteman, claiming he needs to change before they go bar-hopping.  As Wes looks at a magazine and drools over models, Cutter strips down to his underwear and flaunts his body in front of an oblivious Wes.  Cutter changes tactics and challenges Wes to an arm wrestling match.  Cutter wins, causing Wes to fall to the ground.  Cutter pounces and plants an unwanted kiss.